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Help if you can. I'm looking for a well used SAA clone in 357. I don't care how worn it is so long as it will shoot and is a close Colt copy. I want it for Cowboy action, but mostly for the experience of fixing it.


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I Know this an OLD Post.
But, Here Goes:
Anyone Lookin for a Nice SA Revolver for Cheap?

Was at my LGS & noticed a Very Nice SA Revolver in the Case.
It's a Schmidt model 121S 4 3/"in. Barrel .357MAG. All Steel.
Walnut Grips. Very Nice Condition. Bluing shows Holster wear on Barrel & Edges.
What Caught my eye was the Price: $299 OTD

If anyone Interested
The Gun is Located At:
Blythe's Gun, Pawn & Museum,
1205 N. Main St,
Waldron, AR, 72598.

Just thought Someone Here Might be Interested.
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