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    russian sks`s are one of the most desired sks`s,but the fit and function are the same as a good norinco sks.the factory refinished ones came laminated in different colors. i am posting a pic of this gun more for the look of the stock than the gun really.but the gun is unrefinished russian comes in a brown muddy color but has a chrome lined bore and all matching numbers. i have every sks ever imported into america, and i mean every one,if not two or three of everyone.guys. keep your sks`s stock.don`t take a nice six pound gun and put eight pounds of crap on mise well put on chrismas balls and tinsel and a star on the muzzel.the 7.62x39 is equivelant to a 30/30 give or take and the scopes they make, even the best of them are the receiver covers held in by a metal like dowel in the back and two tips up front so it has 100 yards with open sites you can do 6 inch groupings or less with wolf steel case. that is the heart,liver,lungs and spine of a deer.get better ammo and shoot more and you can cut that group in half.i know, trust me.but a couple of our fine friends on our board have been asking about wood and refinishing guns and that is my forte.guys i know my punctuation might not be the best and i might not be an english major. but i know guns and refinishing guns and if you care to check i own some of the finest and rarest weapons ever made including a full automatic rpk machine gun.i had a class 3 license are some pics,more for the stock but the gun is a beautiful piece.

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    Very, very nice rifle.
    Thanks for sharing.