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Been sick and just feelin listless

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Sorry I have been gone so long. I have been playing with handguns lately but finally took my Savage 308 to the range. I didn't have access to the 100 yard ranges so I squeezed in between tables and used an 80 + yard range for today's shoot.

The target with 4 down near the bottom is an 8" target. The other one is a 3" of the corner targets. I count 11 + 4 on the big target. I can't count the number on the small one but I believe both targets were 15 shot strings.

The rifle is my new Savage Model 11 V/T in .308.


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good to be back

Good hearing from you Hombre! Nice rifle and some sweet shooting. :)
Thanks lingr. I had some problems after I came back from Texas but managed to find work. Now I am fighting the diabetes bs and my medicine is not doin its job. Doc upped my pill doses but I may have to go on a shot plus pills. BUT I was told there is a med out that lowers the glucose, is not insulin, is ok by the DOT and if I get on that shot I will not lose my CDL.

God is good...I been stressin and sweating and fearing I would be out of work again. But...maybe the wind is blowin in my direction for a change.

It was good to finally get out. It has been a hard winter.
Load development

Coming along just nicely Mate.
What is the next stage of your load development, or are those factory loads ?

Decided on IMR 4064 and 180gr Win Power Point bullets. I want to test the loads for accuracy only at this time. Velocity tests will have to wait until I find my Chrony.

This is the plan, but I may change my mind and shorten the process. But, the smaller increments make load selection easier, even if the process takes longer.

I will do (5) each at 42.0gr; 42.5; (10) at 43.0; 43.5; (5) each at 43.7; 44.0; 44.3; 44.7gr.

Lee 2nd Edition shows 45.2 as max. From experience, I do not need max. So I should be able to get good accuracy with one or more of these loads, and establish a velocity (guestimate from the load data) of 2500-2600 fps. I will post targets when I get these loads fired off.

And later on he decided to change the process just a little...:

I think 1/2 grain increments will do. If there is need for smaller increments I will do them later. So, 5, 10 shot groups from 42.5gr to 44.5gr will do for a start.
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They just put me on Bydureon Hombre. Don't be afraid of insulin if you need it. The job it does normalizing your life really is worth it. You can get a Pen know that doesn't need refrigarated. I'm on Pills, have an insulin pump and the Bydureon is a once a week shot! I attribute 2/3 of it to my stress at work but what do ya do? Go on welfare? I thiink not..Keep you head up bro!
Hey Dutch,
Got some pretty good news from the doc. After I got my blood draws they found my glucose level out of control. Doc upped my doses and then got me enrolled in a TeleHealth program. The program helps me keep a closer track of my BG. I have to stick my fingers more but that's no biggie. The problem is that if i go on insulin I lose my CDL and my job.

But the good news is that there is some kind of shot that lowers blood sugars, can be taken once a day and is not insulin. Therefore I can keep my CDL. The stuff actually helps with weight loss too, while Metformin and the other meds I am on cause weight gain.

If I can lower my sugar, and if this helps me lose weight, I will need a smaller dose, and if I lose enough weight, my system will need way less insulin so it should all work out to help me get healthier again. I am so tired of being tired. Losing weight will be the key IMHO.

Thanks for the encouragement. I appreciate it.
Shots are livable, just pay attention to what you eat and how much you take. Get moving about, check blood more. Take care been there and still work in progress.

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I'm not afraid of the is the insulin I want to stay away from because once I am on it I lose my CDL. But we're workin on it. Whole new way of livin but gotta do it.
Welcome back and nice groups! Good luck with that sugar. I'm battling blood pressure issues and they are still trying to balance out the meds. I too am "tired of being tired". Hang in there brother!
I have a bad back but it does not bother me much unless I have a crappy bed...and that is what I have now. I just ordered a new one. Got the mattress today...frame gets here Tuesday. Man it will be good to get some real sleep.

I w3ill know Apr 29 what is happening with the CDL. I have an appt with the DOT doc. He has the last word...well, I will have one last word but that will be in private.:rolleyes:
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