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Been sick and just feelin listless

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Sorry I have been gone so long. I have been playing with handguns lately but finally took my Savage 308 to the range. I didn't have access to the 100 yard ranges so I squeezed in between tables and used an 80 + yard range for today's shoot.

The target with 4 down near the bottom is an 8" target. The other one is a 3" of the corner targets. I count 11 + 4 on the big target. I can't count the number on the small one but I believe both targets were 15 shot strings.

The rifle is my new Savage Model 11 V/T in .308.


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Welcome back and nice groups! Good luck with that sugar. I'm battling blood pressure issues and they are still trying to balance out the meds. I too am "tired of being tired". Hang in there brother!
We'll keep you and your CDL in our prayers. Remember, you can't slug the doc unless you come and slug mine first!
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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