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Discussion in 'Marlin Rimfires' started by Big Shrek, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. Big Shrek

    Big Shrek Well-Known Member

    It would be nice if the "Powers That Be" would set-up/separate the rimfire forum into four Sub-forum sections...
    Lever-action, Semi-auto, Bolt-action, and Slide-action...the four major food groups of Marlin
  2. SHOOTER13

    SHOOTER13 RETIRED MODERATOR Lifetime Supporting

    Not a bad idea at that...

  3. Shooter

    Shooter Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    You think the current setup is to vast?
  4. Fomdiddle

    Fomdiddle Well-Known Member

    :(Yeah, just go ahead and discriminate against us single action guys.
  5. oldbrass

    oldbrass Well-Known Member

    Naw to complicated, we can cover it all here
  6. Jnclem

    Jnclem Member

    Agreed. Besides, Big Shrek is always right.
  7. Jrlobo

    Jrlobo New Member

    Fomdiddle is right. We needn't make it hard for any Marlin rimfire shooter. How about just rifle and handgun as rimfire categories. Did Marlin ever make a revolver rifle? I'm just an old 336C owner (30/30) and a lever action fan, but lust after the Marlin 60.
  8. squirrelhunter

    squirrelhunter Well-Known Member Lifetime Supporting

    I say it's fine the way it is myself.:)
  9. bhale187

    bhale187 Active Member Supporting

    With the first page of marlin rimfire's topic going back 6 months, I'd say its not getting out of control, or nor is it needing further seperated
  10. axxe55

    axxe55 Well-Known Member

    my suggestion to this is, as we add more and more members, and start getting more threads and postings, we might think about breaking it into more sub-forums.
  11. Marlinman

    Marlinman Active Member

    I like axxes idea.....also we need to keep shreks dad blasted Calicoes off THIS forum;)
  12. bmarg

    bmarg Well-Known Member

    I think subgroups are a good idea because when you are looking for something particular you don't have to dig for it. No one likes scouring threads to find what they really want to read.
  13. Big Shrek

    Big Shrek Well-Known Member

    Pretty much the reason...take a look at Marlin Owners...its a total clusterfoobar, huge site, lots of stuff, only basic organization...
    great info, but you really haveta DIG for it!!

    Then you look at Rimfire Central, and it is easy to find ANY info on there FAST!!
    You go directly to your category and start soaking in the info!!

    This is particularly helpful as Marlin changed very little over the last 50 years in any category...
    things that work for antiques often work for newer rifles...the biggest changes recently being:
    The T-900 trigger group for Bolt actions, which was bettered by...
    the XT Trigger Group, which fits on 25N's, 800-series, and 900-series bolt action rifles...same for the stocks...
    and the Single-Shots are mostly derivations of the bolt-actions in existance...

    The Semi auto 60, 70P, & 795 are all based upon the same action components...
    and thusly switch a lot of stuff back & forth...trigger group is the same square-back model...
    the 99-series (including the 989/989-M2/995/etc) are the same as Old Model 60's with round/egg-shaped trigger guard ends...

    Lever actions can be simply divided into Centerfire, 39-series, and Levermatics...
    really few major changes since 1883 other than that dadblasted rebounding hammer and the addition of the cross-bolt safety...
    the 336 & the Big Bore Marlins (45/70 & bigger) all share the same mechanism down to the lever loops...
    The Levermatics are the pinnacle of short-throw modern lever-action...yet even though superior, never found a comfortable home with consumers...
    And the venerable 39/39A series, which are not only the longest continually produced lever-action,
    but the strongest rimfire action made today...even by Remlin, which is doing a decent job on 'em now...(at least as good/better as the CT 2005-2011 ones)

    And that's why its better to separate it all now instead of having to do it Later and do Ten Thousand Posts placed in their own branches ;)
    RFC had to do that, and it was a Herculean Effort by several Moderators...but it sure paid off!!
  14. Jnclem

    Jnclem Member

    Agreed. But it really is none of my business. I'll vote by spending my time on forums that are easy to navigate and make sense - whichever they may be.
  15. 28Shooter

    28Shooter Well-Known Member Lifetime Supporting

    Keep it simple guys! When we get more, and more active members, then seperate it.
  16. errorborne

    errorborne Member

    Newspaper Analogy

    If I am looking for a specific thing I will google it and look at the results. If I am perusing a forum it is to be surprised, or disaapointed, with the subjects being brought up. If one is intersting I will read and possibly join that conversation.

    Newspapers break their sections down into general categories such as local, national, sports, home and garden and classifieds. Although you may buy a newspaper to read a story about the one local issue you may chance upon a great article on another unknown local subject.

    The broad categories of firearms are typically rimfire, pistol, rifle and shotgun. The more specific the sections get the less likely they are to be opened. If few people open them to see the headlines even fewer will respond. Ir makes for better browsing and better sharing.
  17. the nitro man

    the nitro man New Member

    i was just asked what i would change in a pm & i said to separate them into three categories
  18. Marlindude

    Marlindude Well-Known Member

    In response to axxe55 and Big Shrek, if you're even considering changing the format. Now would be the time
    to do it. Later will be a lot more work, so I would have to agree with Big Shrek. However on my Iphone I like
    coming across the different threads while I'm looking for something specific. My 2 cents.
  19. Big Shrek

    Big Shrek Well-Known Member

    I feel safe in saying that most folks stop by for something specific, and stay for the good content ;)

    Granted I'm a little OCD...when I first got into Marlins I found RFC, did a search specific to the rifle I owned,
    and read for a week all the info they had...THEN started posting & asking questions about the stuff that wasn't covered ;)