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    had some interest on my reload bench, thought I`d share it here an give some ideas, having limited space in a small spare bedroom this has worked real well for me. width is 34" depth from wall is 18" table heighth from floor is 32 1/2" the drawer is 12x10" table top is made from 2x12 with 2x4 legs, fastens to the wall with 3" wood screws. the drawer slides can be had from any hardware store, nothin fancy about it. Pardon the mess Its been busy.

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    Very cool bench

    Is it a commercially available bench or is it home grown? I will need to consider what kind to set up. I have the Lee 3 legged stand and it is good. I may get another one for my Challenger press. I would like a table though for sizing bullets and depriming dirty cases. I use a universal depriming tool from Lee and THEN I clean the cases. my sizing die and neck expander stays cleaner and the primer pockets are also cleaned. A table gives me a flat surface for whatever boxes of components I I need them before and after processing them.

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    Well done Oldbrass!
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    very nicely done OldBrass! looks good. :D
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    Nice job! Solid chuck of wood for the top?
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    2x12 joined with biscuits ( wood doo-flickys) ripped to 18" on table saw
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    Good lookin setup oldbrass !! Mine is 2X12 also. Right now am making a single stand for the turret press a-commin. I looked at Lee 3 legged stand, but I have a couple of steel 4 legged ones I picked up at a farm sale. They are the perfect height to match my permenent bench. Will top it off with 2x12 and put an old cutting board on top of that. Have stripped all the old paint and rust off, painted it black. I dont want the turret to take up permenent room on my bench so this should work out as I can set it back out of the way when not in use. But still can scoot it close to the bench and use all the other stuff close at hand.