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Extended the bench 4 feet, picked up a $5 dresser at good will cut it in half and have drawers now...Got a C press dedicated for depriming (thanx for that tip SWO1) raised it 3/4 inch and put a tray under it to catch the primers...Made a rack for powder scoops
Good lookin setup. I need an upgrade also. Local Menards stores sell workbench kits. I have no talent for anything like building stuff like this so the kit fits me best. Possibly the only upgrade to the kit would be a layer of 3/4" plywood on the top to stiffen it up. I already have the portable plastic 3 drawer units that can sit on the shelf down below.

I have a C-Press just like your Lee. I spaced the press up high enough to use a plastic 22LR (100 round CCI MiniMag) box to catch the primers. Don't know how it worked because I decided to just use the turret press with the auto-advance feature disabled for de-priming and never used the small press for that.

I used one of my small presses for sizing bullets, and that required it to sit on the tabletop. (I was afraid it would be a bit wobbly sitting up on those stacks of washers.) The other press is sitting there as a spare in case I dream up an idea how to use it and where to put it. Eventually it may be the de-priming tool if i can generate some more table space.

I need a bit of room on top for the lead bullet casting setup. However I finally end up assembling my bench top, whatever presses I mount will be on wood rails like furring strips or a plank of some size.

Anyway...your set up looks like a workhorse now so...git to it and have some fun.:D
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