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Berry's 30 cal for a 30-30 ?

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Loading a Berry's .308 110 grain plated RN for the 30-30 is something I think would like to try. I have a Handi rifle in 30-30 that I would use for general plinking.
I have been considering this off and on for some time. I have an order of these bullets on hand that I got long before this round of crazyness. In bouncing around on the wide web ,I have seen mention of light bullets over 10 grains and less of Unique. I can find no reliable published data for such loads so am gun shy.
Today I made up a dummy round and pulled it. It appears there is enough depth in the neck for a crimp ,but not sure there is enough for a safe round.
I tend to order in quanity for price and just not wanting to search for more when I have other things to do. As a result, I have a 1,000 jar of these. I could take them to a gun show of course but would like to send them downrange if practicle.
What say you?- Has anyone safely used these bullets in a 30-30 ??????
Data sources you might know of . Even general opinion is appreciated.


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Many years ago, I loaded 30-30s with 100 gr. half jacket plinkers and 110 SP jacketed bullets. Don't recall having any problem other than accuracy concern because of the free space between the bullet and the lands (OAL). Then again, the 30-30 isn't known for extreme accuracy anyway. I'm sure that I followed recommended load data using rifle powder. Hodgdon list several rifle powder loads for the 110 gr. bullet.
However, unless I could find reliable load data, I would be very hesitant to use 10 gr. or less of Unique in the 30-30 case. Sounds like a SASS or Cowboy Action Load??? That is a very small amount of fast burning pistol powder in a relatively large rifle case. Aside from inconsistent burn, there is no way to foresee what other problems might surface considering the amount of air space left in the case.

JMHO. My recommendation is to use the 110 bullets ahead of recommended rifle powder. I'll check my Loading Manuals and let you know If I find anything.

One of my favorite 30-30 loads is the Sierra 125 gr. Flat Nosed Hollow Point ahead of 35 gr. of H4895 as shown in the Hodgdon chart for the 130 gr. SPR FP.
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Good site

Thank you for the reminder and link to the Hodgen data site .There are powders there I can enjoy trying and have on hand.
The data listed in my Hornady and 2 lee manuals didn't have any powders I have on hand or no light bullets .
I had no intention of using any powder that I can't find reliable data for my purpose .I've seen Blue Dot and Unique mentioned but never published data that would fit my needs .
If these don't fly in a consistant line they will be sent down the trail to be used as they were intended.
I was assigned a 30 cal carbine in peactime Korea. I might need to start shooping for one to use up the bullets. :rolleyes:lol
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