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  1. jjfuller1

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    so i really think i want to get a lever action. what do you think woul dbe the best caliber chambering? 30-30, 45-70 ect. mostly used for target and deer hunting
  2. FOUR4D4

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    I would say 30-30 is the most popular, availble & affordable round if your hunting deer.If you want to spend mabout $40 for 20 rounds go with the 45/70

  3. hunter2506

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    buy one and will eventually buy another.
    there is not one better than the other, they both have there uses.
    30 30 is cheaper to use.
    here is my 336 30 30
    bought when I was 16 and gave to my son in 90's
    and now it back to me.

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  4. hp-hobo

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    Nice gun. I have exactly the same coffee table in my living room...

    I have to concur with hunter. There is no "best caliber". There are too many variables involved. But in my opinion you can't go wrong starting out with a 336 in .30-30...
  5. greyhawk50

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    I agree with those that have commented. For what it's worth.
    I carried Marlin 30-30s in the hills of Pa. back in the 70's. They done everything that was ask of them. And now, with the LEVERevalution Ammo, they are even better.
    I tried other calibers and types but have gone back to the 336s. I like my 30-30 and for heavier work, I have a 336 in 35 Rem. With that combination, I can handle anything East of the Mississippi and most things West (within range).
    I've tried lever guns in 44 mag. & 444. Never had a 45-70 but I've heard that people who have them, love them.
    Can't go wrong either way but my vote is for the 30-30.
  6. axxe55

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    i too have to agree somewhat with Hunter on not being any one perfect caliber, but will say some are somewhat more versatile than others. also the M336 in 30-30 is a very good choice for a versatile lever action rifle. the 45-70 is an excellent caliber, but more costly to shoot vs. the 30-30.
  7. mesinge2

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    While not perfect I am partial to the .45-70
  8. SHOOTER13

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    If your intended purpose is to deer hunt and target shoot...the .30WCF is the caliber hands down.
  9. 1894

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    Depending on the range you may be shooting at a deer , a Marlin 1894 in .357 , 44 mag , or 45 colt may also be a fun affordable choice :)
  10. aka

    aka Well-Known Member

    You have one of each and don't forget .44-40
  11. squirrelhunter

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  12. wyatttt

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    i have liked you on facebook,and love marlins
  13. mizzouri1

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    you will have more fun with the 30-30 at less than half the cost of ammo. plus it has prob. killed more deer than any other caliber over the years. my opinion :)
  14. Plumber

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    I've had my 30-30 for 50 years, and I believe that's what you should start with.
    If you reload you may want to get a 35 Remington. There are so many hand gun bullets you can load in a 35 Rem case for some low cost shooting. And it can be loaded hotter than the factory loads.
  15. Plumber

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    If that medallion is what I think it is, that would make you about 58.
  16. hunter2506

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    Plumber you are correct, and time goes faster as I age.
  17. JesterGrin_1

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    Ok Here we go since NOBODY has mentioned it lol.

    Get into Re-Loading Then most anything is Cheap. Or Cheaper lol. With That said.

    I have never owned or even shot a 30-30 of any kind. But as mentioned for factory ammo it is cheap and can be found probably anywhere. And if you start to reload then the cartridge is even more versatile but to be honest I do not think you will save a whole lot Re-Loading for the 30-30 Over factory ammo the last time I checked. But again if you start to Re-Load there are many things that you can load the lowly 30-30 to do. Plus due to the fact that probably Millions of 30-30's were produced they are probably the cheapest and easiest to find.

    As for Marlin Rifles. At this time I would stay away from anything made currently or to say Remlins lol. And look for one that was made from 2009 and Older. But if you can find one made in say 2000 or older that would be even better as this was about the time they started to try and streamline the manufacturing of Marlin.

    As for other Calibers I like the Marlin 1894 in .38 Sp/.357 Magnum. They are cheap to shoot and Re-Load for and they are VERY Accurate if you do your part. But they are harder to find and not as cheap as the 30-30 to purchase. And if the right bullet is used they are fine for Deer up to say 130 yards or less. My Pre Safety Marlin loaded with Hornady 180Gr HP/XTP will Shoot 1/2 groups at 100 yards with a Scope if I do my part. Did this Surprise me when it did that. HECK YES IT DID lol. And many others lol.

    Well my soap box broke lol.

    Okay I propped up my Soap Box lol.

    But while I am at it I have 3 Marlins a 38Sp/.357 Mag, 38-55,45-70GS. And if I were to purchase another Marlin it would be a 30-30 So there. :)
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  18. Hyphenated

    Hyphenated Well-Known Member

    Don't let any of my other rifles see this :rolleyes: :D...but when you get right down to it the 30-30 is a fine all around cartridge. It certainly wouldn't be my first choice for Elk or sod poodle popping, but it does so many things well you could write a book about it.
  19. duster066

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    I tested a deer load for my 94C 357. A Missouri Bullet Co 180gr LRNFP over 10.5gr of Blue Dot @ 75 yards. The bullet penetrated 19" of wet newspaper, and was recovered. It was nearly undeformed and weighted 177gr. Recoil was mild. This will get it done with deer. If you reload and cast you can shoot 38/357 cheap, like maybe 5 to 8 bucks a box, and anyone can handle the recoil. But I also have a Win 30-30 and you can't go wrong here either.
  20. Rooster59

    Rooster59 Well-Known Member

    I got an 1894C (.357) first just to get into lever gunning and dispatch coyotes/coons in the back yard. Realized I wanted to hunt at longer distances (deer) and got a 30-30. Sold the 30-30 for a 45-70 just because I wanted that 26" octagonal barrel (1895CB). Just bought another 30-30 (336TS) because it fills a gap like almost nothing else.

    The 30-30 is like a good hunting dog. It may not be the best, smartest, or prettiest but you will want to take it with you everywhere.