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Blood Pressure update..

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Thanx for the well wishes, Went to docs today and its 140/90 and will improve,far better then 144/122. I lost 11 pounds and 35 more to go..I got this !!!
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Way to go Oldbrass. Keep at it,we want to around for awhile.:)
Congratulations and keep up the good work.
Glad to hear it Oldbrass! Had the same thing happen to me in January -backache, doctor, high blood pressure (280/124), hospital 6 days, and told that the backache probably saved my life (I'm 54). I've lost about 15 pounds, pressure is down to 120s/low 70s-high 60s, but am taking seven meds that make me feel so lousy that its even hard to walk the dogs. Seeing the doctor on Monday and am going to tell him that we need to lighten up on the meds or I'm going for a second opinion. Keep it up - efforts, not pressure!
How much longer do you have to take the meds?
Probley for good
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