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Who else plays them and what do you play?

I'm big into two player strategy games like Mancala.
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I don't know if it would be classified a s a board game but i use the Ouija board Its fun but not to be taken seriously
I always did like playing cribbage and backgammon:D
I've never played with one but I have read studies on them in relation to our unconscious mind.

Chess is my on one with an opponent.

Multiple player...Risk is my game.
I play chess but I'm terrible. I never spent that much time learning so I'm sure that is the issue.

I've played Risk online and always had a good time.

My wife can play Backgammon and Mahjong on the computer all day long. I just can't do it. I will play Scrabble, but my wife just doesn't like it...go figure.
My wife and I play Scrabble. It causes many arguments and is the only time in my house that the dictionary gets dragged out.

my all time favorite was Monopoly. with it just me and the wife, we just really don't play board games, but do play different ones via Facebook.

another one i enjoyed when i was an adult was a game called Axis's and Allie's. board game similar to Strategy about WWII. very long drawn out game but enjoyable.
I love Monopoly. I usually do pretty good but upset the people I play with.

I play a game called Czar which is pretty good for a two player strategy game.

I also play Dvonn.

They were all released as part of a series.
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I'm looking for a non futuristic Stratego set.

Seems all they have is space related.
My bad sorry
See what I'm saying?

I want them to Napoleonic in looks, not futuristic.

I like spending my money locally when ever possible, but it seems my only real choice is going to be online.
We had a rainy day so I spent most of it watching movies and playing board games.

Tried to play Operation with my Daughter following the rules.

She touched the sides every time and it got so frustrating for her she gave up.

She kept asking me "Dad, why are you getting so frustrated? I'm not getting frustrated at all." at which point she would go "Grrrrrrr....".

I was not even slightly frustrated.
1 - 6 of 19 Posts
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