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Yep...Sounds very plausible to me! Good thing you weren't wearing hip boots of chest waders...Eeeek!

Grand idea, but I don't know if I'd want to get wet as a testament to reinforcing my story in freezing waters as I trudged into the local PD Station to report such a catastrophe! Had enough of that when I'd tear a hole in a wader while standing in knee-deep water while duck hunting, but I was a die-hard waterfowler and didn't let shivers and hypothermia deter me from my appointed rounds with a bag limit of good eating table fare. I went through several pairs in my young and foolish days!

Thanks for the story...err, sorry you'll have to rebuild a collection IF you can find any at affordable prices. Plain Jane XLs are about $350 these days and the 336s, man folks are proud of those levers.

Good and all.


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