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My favorite book is the 'Holy Bible'!!! :)
Second favorite, 'Shooters Bible'!!! :D

I don't read novels,
but I've got quite a collection of firearm reference books, mostly Gun Digest 50's-90's, reloading manuals, gunsmithing books, ect..
I'm with you mainecat.
The Holy Bible is my very favorite book.
I'm not an avid reader of books. My attention span is too short. Reading a book puts me to sleep but for some reason, I can search for answers on the computer for hours or maybe read my electronic copy of The American Rifleman. Some of the articles are interesting. I enjoy reading about the history of a given firearm or cartridge in a Loading Manual. Stories about John Browning or other gun related information interest me. Most of my reading is on-line articles.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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