Bought my FIRST auto today !!

Discussion in 'Other Guns' started by SWO1, Oct 18, 2012.

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    I know Ive stated my preference for wheel guns, and why on other threads. And I have NEVER owned one. Have I used one, YES...carried one in combat, shot them in compitation both .45 and .22.

    Reason... I now have one is my oldest grandson has been expressing the desire to try out autos. He shoots my S&W model 28 in .357 and .38 spc. He's a good size boy. Bigger than me really. He can handle it. If he wants to learn I will teach him and then he will be able to make he own decision when the time comes.

    While at my local shop this morning was discussing some new ones he had just put in. Had started carrying HiPoints in 9mm, .40s&w, and .45acp. From my past experiences both the 9 and 45 were out. So I got a great deal on the 40. Just $140 out the door. At that price figured if it dont work out, what the heck. Just run a line thru the trigger guard and use it for a lure retriever at the lake.......:D

    Besides now I have ANOTHER requirement to buy......MORE dies, MORE bullets, MORE powder, and MORE primers.....Which is good. Have joined the HiPoint forum, ran by Austin and the fine folks that do this one. Like I said there, ifs its half as good as the Marlin site it will be a good experience. I had him mark it SOLD and I will pick it up next week when the rest of my order comes in. With Turkey just finishing up and Deer starting the first of the month wont get to LIGHT IT OFF for a while anyway.

    Will I EVER carry it, or any other slide auto for self defense, NEVER, and my grandsons will get a demonstration of why.
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    Sounds like a Win Win for both you and your Grandson :cool:

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    ^^^ I totally agree!!! ^^^
  4. SWO1

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    Thanks guys.....I try to be a mentor, and teacher to the boys and grandaughter also. I stress saftey first. Then came proper sholdering/holding the weapons. Sight alignment, Sight Picture, Trigger squeeze. Breathing, composure and total focus on the task. Just as I was taught by my Grandfather/Marine Corps Marksmanship Instructors.

    When it came time for them to have their own weapon, weather it was a .22, shotgun, black Powder or centerfire rifle I have not and never will insist on any thing. they will have handled and shot what ever I can provide to them. If their desire is Not one of mine then I get them One of their choice. They all shot 22.250 thru 300 win. Some of the guns I dont have but brother-in-law and nephew does. Killed deer with .243 and 30-30 and Carson the .308. When it came time for their own new gun both picked the .308. If they reconsider later then so be it. My granddaughter will be the same.
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    Nothing more fun than a new gun. Please post pictures when you get it.

    I like wheel guns, too. Classic beauties. ;)
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    If you ask, I'll say I'm a wheelgunner (anything S&W - particularly M28s and K-frame .38s) but I still have a soft spot for Browning Hipowers and Ruger MkII .22 Autos.
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    currently i only own two revolvers right now, and many semi-auto pistols, but i will never deny the fact that a revolver holds a place in my heart. maybe it's the nostalgia of them or maybe that a revolver was one of the first pistols my father taught me shoot.

    that reminds me, i need to start adding some more revolvers to my collection. thanks SW01!
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    Awesome SW01 !!

    ...can't wait to see the pics ( and his "big" smile !! ) ;)
  9. SWO1

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    Checkd out the Hi-Point JCP40 s&w some yesterday. Like most blow back autos Glocks ect. a little bulky but handles pretty wll. Not bad balance. Seems to operate smoothly. Will disassemble completly, check all parts, clean, lube before testing. Came with 1 mag and optional Ghost rings. Also picked up a box of Rem 165 gr Wad Cutters to run thru it.

    Carson came home from school SICK....His mother said a lot of stomach flu in the doctors office yesterday....:( But by 8 last night he seemed to recover well enough to make up for 2 missed meals during the day and check out his new pistol.

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