Box says XL7 & Barrel says X7

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    So wich is it? Its 7mm-08 caliber. Anyone can clear it up you guys and gals can... Dude I bought it from NIB said it was a XL7
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    XL7 -- X7....SAME GUN. In newer models Marlin dropped the XL and just call it "X" now. I have two. One in .308 and .223, both barrels are stamped "X7"

    Sometimes they will be labeled on the box XS for short action cartridges, i.e. .223 or .308 and XL for long action such as .270 and 30.06...They are all still X7s.

    Your's should be a Tack Driver......:)

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    I thought so untill I went to Boyds website ( found link on here) and they have different options for their stocks. X7 has several and XL7 has limited few so it made me question it.
    L & S designation makes more sense in reference to the actions.

    If mine is 7mm-08 based off 308 cartridge then shouldnt it be a short action with a X "S" 7 designation not a X "L" 7
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