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Boyd's stock for Ruger American

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Hey SWO1, my stock came in from Boyd's yesterday. Here are the pics of stock with the "V" blocks that needs bedding. Not actually pillars, they don't go into action screw holes but sit on top. I dry fitted the rifle to stock, everything lines up good. The only problem I'm having is with the detachable magazine. Dang thing is so tight when I attach it, I can't remove it without tearing the rifle down. Going to get the dremel and sand some where the magazine goes and try to loosen it up a bit. I bought the slow setting JB weld and some Johnson paste wax as a releasing agent. I'm not sure of how much JB weld I need to use to bed. Do I need to be skimpy with it? Or do I need to be generous with it to make sure I get a good bond?
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Stumbled onto this thread with a web search...

I just wanted to say thanks for posting the pics, and the interaction containing advice. I bought this stock a few months ago, and being my first bedding project, had ZERO idea where to start. There is a lot of info online for bedding a rifle stock, but not so much for the RA.

In any case, thanks for the post; I should tackle this project this weekend (finally).
Will do! It's going to take a while, just to clear all of the modeling clay from the receiver (it's obvious that I was reading materials meant for other rifles now, right? LOL). I thought it was strange, but not wanting to mess anything up, I pressed on...

Hopefully, I'll get it done this weekend. I'm entirely TOO excited (this Boyd's stock really IS so much better than the stock synthetic... stock).

One question, as I couldn't see it in the pic... Did you put epoxy under the rear lug, or under AND to the rear?

Thanks again for the write up!
Finally finished and ready to shoot! Thanks again for the info gentlemen. I greatly appreciate it! I was a bit gun shy (hahaha) about doing this, but your words and pics were the motivation needed!

Here is a small sample of the pics I took during parts of the process (is not an inclusive list of steps taken):
Will do! I'm hoping to take it out this weekend, but not sure. I think I was a little more nervous about it than I needed to be, but then again, if you miss a step/detail, it could mean having to buy a new rifle, so that worry is justified!
Yep, kiwi works (that's what I ended up using).
I let it dry, but did not buff (I was scared that I wouldn't have left enough to serve as a release). Turned out very well...
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