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Boyd's stock for Ruger American

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Hey SWO1, my stock came in from Boyd's yesterday. Here are the pics of stock with the "V" blocks that needs bedding. Not actually pillars, they don't go into action screw holes but sit on top. I dry fitted the rifle to stock, everything lines up good. The only problem I'm having is with the detachable magazine. Dang thing is so tight when I attach it, I can't remove it without tearing the rifle down. Going to get the dremel and sand some where the magazine goes and try to loosen it up a bit. I bought the slow setting JB weld and some Johnson paste wax as a releasing agent. I'm not sure of how much JB weld I need to use to bed. Do I need to be skimpy with it? Or do I need to be generous with it to make sure I get a good bond?
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I am working on this project as well. For the release agent the paste wax, would the kiwi show polish in a can work?
Yep, kiwi works (that's what I ended up using).
Thanks for the reply. Do you need to let it dry buff it off, or put a layer on and bed the actio?
Well I got the blocks bedded and the treated action torqued in......praying it comes apart.....
I'm gonna guess that is a lower grade walnut they use for "stock" stocks.
1 - 5 of 30 Posts
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