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From Lyman 49th Manual

Im back with another question Im hoping to start reloading soon but im going in solo flight mode here. With Saami specification's says brass length is 1.155 -.020 is that the same as 1.155 is ok and anything longer should be trimmed and any thing below 1.135 is trash? 38 special Drawing below>
The max case length shows 1.155". Trim to 1.149". The .020 would make it 1.135." So I suppose 1.135" or 1.145" is ok. Try both lengths and see what your handgun likes.

I have read straight walled pistol cases do not stretch when reloaded. Measure after a few reloadings and see. Nonetheless, 1.135 is the shortest I would trim them down to. Trim farther and you lose case capacity as well as case length for crimping.

I noticed the +P on the diagram...IMHO...I wouldn't start loading hot loads until you know your specific gun won't blow up with them. In fact I would avoid them until I learned a lot more about reloading.

I have a Lee and a Lyman manual and I need more. I feel too limited...not enough information.

Have fun but always be safe.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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