Brass vs aluminum cases

Discussion in 'Ammo & Reloading' started by FOUR4D4, Apr 30, 2016.

  1. FOUR4D4

    FOUR4D4 Well-Known Member

    Any body have experience with aluminum cases.

    I bought some a Wal-Fart by mistake figured what the fudge glad I only bought 50 rounds

  2. greyhawk50

    greyhawk50 Well-Known Member

    Nothing wrong with aluminum cases. As far as I know, they are as good as brass and I haven't heard anything to the contrary.
    However, they are not to be reloaded. In my opinion, never reload aluminum cases. I have heard of people reloading them once before discarding them but I wouldn't take the risk.
    To expand on your thoughts, I despise steel cases for many reasons. Most of all because they can damage the extractor. I have a friend that broke the extractor on his 1911 by using steel case ammo.
    That's my thoughts in a nuy shell.

  3. FOUR4D4

    FOUR4D4 Well-Known Member

    Aluminum is softer than brass, am I right?

  4. squirrelhunter

    squirrelhunter Well-Known Member Lifetime Supporting

    Yeah I believe so.
  5. SHOOTER13

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    Yes...aluminum is softer than brass is softer than steel casings.

    They cannot be reloaded...and depending on the caliber ( especially in revolvers like .357 Mag and .44 Mag ) will swell
    after firing and may be hard to extract from the cylinder...

    Just from experience...I rarely buy them, and definitely not in magnum loadings.