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I recently purchased a 1950 Marlin 336 RC from an online auction. It looks fine for its age and operates smoothly. I get decent groups but I do have a problem.

After the first few rounds of ammo the firing pin broke. I replaced the pin and after about 60 more rounds the replacement pin (purchased from Numrich) also broke. When the sales lady at Numrich heard the year of my Marlin she said I needed the earlier type pin and that's what I purchased.

It breaks just where the pin tapers down to the narrow diameter that protrudes through the bolt face. By the way, before it broke off, I had about .070" of protrusion from the bolt face when the pin is all the way forward. When it is working properly I get nice solid firing pin strikes and no pierced primers. I have fired both commercial ammo and some very soft shooting plinking loads (170 grain cast FP over 10 grains of Unique with Winchester LR primers). I have been using these loads for years in my other Marlins and Winchesters.

The pin that came with the gun was in the white and the Numrich pin was blued for whatever that may be worth.

Has anyone else had similar experiences? What do you think the problem might be? What should I look for and how might I overcome this problem? I did do a limited amount of dry firing (maybe a dozen times) after reassembly to verify function before firing the gun at the range with the new pin.

I am very open to suggestions.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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