Buttstock repair/replace

Discussion in 'Lever Action' started by DunRanull, Jan 2, 2013.

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    Got an RC 336 with the straight buttstock, it has a crack running from the tang back into the wood, and a big chip has broken off at the tang. :eek: Aside from repair, where might I find an replacement butt, even used good condition? Thanks, Dun
    Can contact via the thread or thru the board or Can contact directly @ [email protected]
  2. Hyphenated

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    Finding a new one shouldn't be too difficult through Numrich or Brownells. A used one can sometimes be found on ebay if you have the patience.

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    Without seeing it i would say for safety reasons replace it.Just my opion
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    Greyhawk, thanks for the links, the only one I had found was Boyds. Have decided on the Macon figured walnut which should be a straight swap and not a lot of fitting. Have some deciding to do as to how I'll finish the wood... min-wax springs to mind! NOT!
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    hi--Alot of folks like the look of a straight linseed oil finish. Some also use a turpintine/linseed mix. About 5% turp. If you go this route be sure to get the linseed at a wood yard,or cabinet supply house. Not a big box store. Yes there is a difference!

    As to a varnished look, I have seen pieces of wood with 8 to 10 coats,sanded that you could swear you are looking deep into the grain..

    As to both methods, get yourself some sample pieces of wood and practice.