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    As y'all know, I have been known to wheel & deal. Many of my dealings are with family of friends.
    Sometimes I let one go that I wish that I had kept. Such was the case with a Browning model 92 chambered in 44 mag. I sold it to a friend of mine back in 2010. I was talking to him today and he expressed an interest in reducing his inventory, so the model 92 came back home today.The deal included ammo and the dies. :D
    Not sure what I'll use it for but it feels good to have it back in the safe.
    It has the normal high gloss, quality wood that is common on a Browning. That, plus the fact that pistol caliber rifles are now legal for deer in my state.

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    Good score Grey...

    Nice to be able to get "the one that got away" back...isn't it !?
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    I guess it returned to where it belongs. Excellent looking rifle.