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    I've a nice Camp 9 paired with a S & W 910 squirreled away for my wife. I only use standard loads as I have multiple 9's and too many guns + too many loads confuse me. When I changed the buffer this winter I found it brittle but not damaged yet. After hearing about split stocks I was wandering if the stock should be strengthened or is the splitting just from abuse. Too nice a gun to mess up.
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    I don't know about the stocks, but I sure would like to see pictures of the Marlin and the 910 together

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    Canp9 S&W 910 combo

    Here it is. I'm not in to photo shoots and had to find and charge the camera to get this. I do have photos for insurance but NEVER take them with a cell phone.

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    From what I've read what causes the stock to split is the battering of the slide on the receiver. A lot of +P ammo ,that you say you aren't using, would probably be a factor. Everyone seems to say to replace the buffer and use a heavier recoil spring to take the stress off the receiver and stock. I changed to a 16 1/2 lb Wolf spring although I've read a 21 lb spring works too especially in 45 acp. The new buffer was from Blackjack Buffers. (They sell both buffers and springs). Others probably make or sell the parts. The original buffer was very brittle and broke when I took it out. I wouldn't have wanted it to break while shooting or when I needed a firearm.