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Can't find nothing on this one !!!

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I just pick up a Marlin .22 bolt. It is clip fed. It is marked on the barrel:

MARLIN Model 66 Ranger Made in the USA.....that is all

I did find that Ranger was a brand marketed by sears. Their guns were made by a number of different makers, Marlin included. However since this one is not stamped Sears, like all other rangers I could find I dont know if this is one or not. In any case they were last sold in 1946.

The gun is clip fed, USED to have a rear sight attached to the receiver, and a front sight blade, both of which attached with a screw. The receiver is drilled and tapped for scope mounts on the left side. SOMEONE has rigged a cut off rail base and screwed it into the reciever rear sight holes (with mismatched screws) also the front sight is missing with no screw in the tapped hole. At present I have the gun dismantled on the bench as it looks to be full of motor oil (used). The bore is bright and the lands and groves look real good. the bolt has dual extractors. the reciever is attached with one large knob type screw and a smaller screw thru the trigger housing. The barrell looks to be free floated. the bolt and bolt handle were (once) shiney. Bluing isnt real bad but gone in a few places. Stock is Walnut with a few issues. The butt plate is metal. When I get it cleaned up I will post pictures. The only like photo I could find was labeled Marlin Model 8 E. But I can find no reference to either an 8E or model 66.

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ok, Think I got this solved....I think. After cleaning off all the oil and greese and puting the lamp on it it is actually a RANGER MODEL 36. This cross references to a Marlin model 80 built for sears 1934-1939. According to a site since it has the twist saftey on the bolt it is prior to 1935. So I guess that makes it a 1934. Anyway here are some pics. I got it for $80.


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Thanks for the link spud....good info......:D
With all due respect,I'm pretty sure its a magazine and not a clip.
FOUR4D4....You are 100% correct. Even tho used interchangerbaly the two are exclusive. Clips are used to charge Magizines and Magizines are used to feed rounds into weapons. This would make for a good fun thread on incorrectly used terms as they relate to WEAPONS on this forum. I am reminded of a correction often made by my Drill Instructor. Offenders were taught to learn a little poem and act out a short demonstration in boot camp when referring to their RIFLE as a GUN. It went something like this:

This is my Rifle...This is my gun...This is for Killing....This is for Fun. I will leave it to the imagination as to the visuals.....:D


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As something to play around with I think this one will keep me busy for a while. On doing a lot of research the two tapped holes on the left side of the reciever are for a peep sight not for a scope mount. I did find that the early model Rangers did not come tapped for side or top mounts like later models nor did they have groves for for mounting scopes. And of course they were prior to Micro-grouved barrels. One old Sears catalog page did state that an option was to order the scope mounting blocks which were shipped with a tap and dye....think the price was under $3. This one has been tapped with two holes front and one back on top of the reciever and had a botched up base installed.

There is a big gun show the 1-2 of Dec and I will go and see if I can find a front ramp and a proper rail or blocks for it. If not then its off to a smith to have it properly squared away. Using the thread on bluing I will try my hand at that also. The rifle has no value other than what I paid for it so its just a shooter....although an old one.
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I've got the old 80 completley tore down and started worken on it. Have the stock about 80% stripped and sanded. There is a real bad area about 3" from the butt that runs all the way around. A thin scribed line with a large crack/gouge about 2" long on the top. To deep to take out so it will have to stay. Otherwise the stock is straight grained american walnut and otherwise good.

I have started doing a trigger job. So far I have done a little polishing and replaced the trigger spring. This in itself has reduced the pull from 5.7lbs to 3.2lbs. After I am finished with stock and rebluing I will shoot and see if I want to go down futher.

Looks like the biggest issue will be the scope mounts. There are 3 holes drilled and tapped on the receiver. The two front ones are probley (I think) from the origional iron sights. The rear one is of a larger size so I dont think it is origional, matter of fact I know it isnt. So I many have to either modify another scope rail or get it redrilled and tapped. In either case Ill get it done. The rail that came on it covers the ejection port about half way so Im thinking about a two part base which would require another hole in the rear.
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Picked up a new scope base at my gun shop today along with a set of rings. The base is for a Ruger 10/22 but the holes line up.....:)

I have the barrel stripped of bluing and still need to do some final finishing and cleaning befor bluing. Besides dont have any bluin right now. still have to strip the receiver anyway.

While at the shop a guy came in with a bag full of pistols..All H&Rs...old ones. Said he took them for repayment of a debt. He had 9..all 9 shot revolvers. One the owner didnt even want....said it was worth NOTHING. Pretty bad shape. I offered $20.....he countered with $30....we settled on $25. Its a 1952 H&R model 922 Camper....9 shot...Double Action, 4" barrel. I will clean it up and Re-blue with the Model 80.
If you don't want them... well you know the rest.... Do you need my address? hehe...Love HR's.
The shop owner made him an offer on the other 8. He said he would think about it. I have the little camper model stripped and ready for bluing. Off to Wally World now to see if they have some. If not will have to wait till next weekend when I am at the gun show. Will be doing the old model 80 and the 922.
I've got the 1934 model 80 refinished, barrel is reblued, stock is redone, bolt is polished, trigger is lightened up. Have a new scope base with rings and will mount with 3x9 and see how she shoots. Will post pics later, hopefully today, after it warms up....32 right now, probley this afternoon.
This is what I have got done so far on the 34 Model 80. I havnt put a finish on the stock yet, just sanded and with a light stain (american walnut). You can see the grouve around the butt end of the stock. Too deep to remove. Rest of the stock is good.

The old scope is trash. I now know why it was put up and not used. The adjustments are BACKWARDS....UP IS DOWN....LEFT IF RIGHT...had a few over the years like that.

Scope base is really rigged up. Its a 10/22 but the holes line up. Dosnt fit the contour of the receiver. Had to shim it with JB Weld to get it to set solid (almost). Will have to find a suitible base. Also will replace the rings. Whoever drilled the holes in the receiver got them out of allignment. Way short of having enough Left windage. Will get some Adjustable Rings. Also looking at a 40mm 4x16 scope at Bass Pro. As is right now shoots under .5 groups at 30 yds with less than stable scope mounts. Another work in progress.


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I too have a Ranger M36 although mine is a single shot .22. So my question is if it is the same model Marlin?
Everything I can find on em, its a Model 80 Marlin made for sears 1934-1939. Made in three models, Single shot, Removable Magizine fed ( 7 shot), and tublar magizine. Starting in 1940 Sears labeled their Store Brand J.C. Higgins.

According to several sites the year can be verified by the type of saftey. 34-36 (some say 35) they had a twist saftey by rotating the bolt out of the slot on the receiver. After that they had trigger block saftey.

Thats right FOUR4D4. When I was researching Ranger I found this interesting info about J.C. Higgins. He was an actual person who worked for Sears. Started in the bookeeping dept. Made it all the way to Vice President before he retired. When he did retire thats when they changed the brand to Ted Williams. His real Name was John Higgins, no middle name. The Advertising people decided that J.C. Higgins was a better name than John or J. Higgins. And there is no documentation or evidence he was even a sportsman...knew nothing about the stuff.....:)
Thanks for the info! I didn't realize they made three different styles with the same model #. Mine is a single shot with a very thin stock. It shoots fine but the extractor doesn't work too well. Best I can tell, this one has no safety on it. Nothing turns. You need only pull thing firing pin back manually & pull trigger.

So would that make it a 1934?
Does it cock when you operate the bolt ? Mine does

With the bolt cocked, grasp the knurled end of the bolt and turn until the protrusion on top of the bolt rotates out of the slot on top of the reciever. That is the saftey. It will prevent the bolt from going home when the trigger is pulled. To take it off, simply rotate back until the protrusion is back in line with the slot. According to what i could find that type of saftey was changed in, some say 35 some say 36. In any case Marlin went to a trigger block saftey (dont know what that looks like on the old 80s) So its either a 34-35 or 34-36.
I've decided to put the old model 80 aside for awhile. I tried everything to get the scope lined up. two different scope rails, adjustable rings. the holes are just to far off center. Will have to send it to a good smith to have new holes drilled and probley custom mounts. Have a line on one about 40 miles from here. right now two many things goin on that are head of the line. some time next year....:mad: After the first of the year back to the .223 bench rifle. then its rebuilding the range.
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