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Can't find nothing on this one !!!

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I just pick up a Marlin .22 bolt. It is clip fed. It is marked on the barrel:

MARLIN Model 66 Ranger Made in the USA.....that is all

I did find that Ranger was a brand marketed by sears. Their guns were made by a number of different makers, Marlin included. However since this one is not stamped Sears, like all other rangers I could find I dont know if this is one or not. In any case they were last sold in 1946.

The gun is clip fed, USED to have a rear sight attached to the receiver, and a front sight blade, both of which attached with a screw. The receiver is drilled and tapped for scope mounts on the left side. SOMEONE has rigged a cut off rail base and screwed it into the reciever rear sight holes (with mismatched screws) also the front sight is missing with no screw in the tapped hole. At present I have the gun dismantled on the bench as it looks to be full of motor oil (used). The bore is bright and the lands and groves look real good. the bolt has dual extractors. the reciever is attached with one large knob type screw and a smaller screw thru the trigger housing. The barrell looks to be free floated. the bolt and bolt handle were (once) shiney. Bluing isnt real bad but gone in a few places. Stock is Walnut with a few issues. The butt plate is metal. When I get it cleaned up I will post pictures. The only like photo I could find was labeled Marlin Model 8 E. But I can find no reference to either an 8E or model 66.

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I too have a Ranger M36 although mine is a single shot .22. So my question is if it is the same model Marlin?
Everything I can find on em, its a Model 80 Marlin made for sears 1934-1939. Made in three models, Single shot, Removable Magizine fed ( 7 shot), and tublar magizine. Starting in 1940 Sears labeled their Store Brand J.C. Higgins.

According to several sites the year can be verified by the type of saftey. 34-36 (some say 35) they had a twist saftey by rotating the bolt out of the slot on the receiver. After that they had trigger block saftey.


Thanks for the info! I didn't realize they made three different styles with the same model #. Mine is a single shot with a very thin stock. It shoots fine but the extractor doesn't work too well. Best I can tell, this one has no safety on it. Nothing turns. You need only pull thing firing pin back manually & pull trigger.

So would that make it a 1934?


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