Can't wait till next season !!

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    After thinking about it all night decided to give the New to Me 336 .35 Rem a go this year. I will still wait until after the season to refinish it. But will break down, clean and check the innards. If all is well it goes to the field opening day ....... :p Went by one of my LGSs and picked up a box of Federal 200 gr flat nosed. He only had Win and Fed and I stay away from Win Center Fire. Also ordered a set of LEE dies and a trim body for my Lee Zip trimmer. The 3 die comes with Full length sizer, Dead Length bullet seating die, and the Factory Crimp Die. Now to find some LeverRevalition powder and Hornady bullets. What I have researched nobody can match the Factory LR without the powder. But what I have will be OK for this year unless I can find some Factory LR rounds somewhere, maybe Bass Pro.