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I have posted photo's of my annealing process, "big deal" you might think.
However there is one issue I have found, and I am chasing advice please.

30% of my annealed brass, is very hard to trim to length.
ie.... the cutter seems to skim over the brass, and even cut randomly on the same brass edge ????
Only my .222 and my .270 brass have both shown this behavior, and inspection, does not give a smooth cut surface, rather its very slightly jagged.
The carbide cutters have only cut approx 300 rounds, so they are relatively new.

New brass does not have this problem, so what an I doing wrong ?

I have annealed to blue, just red, and even bright red, and quenched immediately, and not quenched. Just to try and make all trimming peel back brass evenly:confused:

Cheers Bucky:mad:

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On considering annealing some cases fired a few times and seeing this post I did some research. I found this to be interesting and may fit your problem:

Cases that "have been fired" should be thoroughly cleaned, inside and out "before annealing". Otherwise impurities can be driven into the metal causing random HARD/SOFT spots.

This may be the cause of your problem trimming and jagged edges on the rims. JUST A THOUGHT. Are you tumbling your brass or Sonic cleaning prior to annealing ?
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