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    If this is a re-post, my apologies ...

    Back when cars and trucks had wing windows and the headlight switch was on the floor ... I cast my own lead bullets. This was for my front loading rifle (.58 cal).

    This was an evenings entertainment ... Coleman camp stove ... melting pot ... lead ladle ... dies ... etc. By today's standards boring stuff I guess. Even so ... I understand that casting for the 1895 is a lot more involved, still ... would it be worth the time and effort to cast my own bullets?

    I never been a big fan of lead ... fouls the barrel. However after exploring this forum (and others) I see there have been some new techniques have evolved in bullet casting.

    It still looks like a PITA ... but after you've got all set up and refinanced the house ... is it practical?
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    I had a Marlin 336 30-30 with Micro Groove rifling and I inquired as you are doing about casting bullets for it. I was pretty much convinced by using hard cast commercially made bullets, that micro groove rifling and lead cast bullets are not good partners. I decided to just buy jacketed.

    Now I have a different 3030 and it has square button rifling and seems to get along nicely with cast bullets.

    Depending whether you have micro groove rifling or the conventional rifling, casting may or may not be a worthwhile project.