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    this is the coolest of cool motorycles i have ever seen,it is not mine but a couple buddies of mine who are fabricators built it,i worked out the paint scheme.totally diveable and of course nothing works as far as firearms wise,not even close to being real just fabricated but the bike is sick...

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    Nothing says Zombie Apocalypse like a bike with two Gatling guns! I work in the DC Metro area and a bike like that might attract more than a few stares and maybe a pull-over by Homeland Security.

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    Is that an old BMW or an early GoldWing??? The heads and exhaust look like a BMW but the radiator throws me off. The heads could be the first model of GoldWing but then the exhaust is all wrong. You got me stumped. :confused: :confused:
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    the first..

    it is an old bmw that has parts from many different bikes and alot of custom fabrication.looks great handles like crap it is so off balance with all the fabrications on it.alot of looks around town.he brings it to bike shows and swap meets,just a bunch of guys with nothing to frankly i like the paintjob the best,because i set it up,lol