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    Hope I'm in the right forum, moderators reroute as necessary. thanks.
    Chronies? who uses them? and what brand/model?
    I reload all my centerfire metallic cartridges and would like to know what my guns are really doing velocity wise. Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated. thanks. :confused:
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    I use the Chrony Master F-1. It has a remote readout that you can place on the bench and view the readings without trying to read the little screen on the main unit out in front.

    Mine doesn't like the bright sunlight. Does great on cloudy/overcast days. Cost at my LGS about $90.

    Can be had at Midway, or direct from They have several models with different levels of functions ($$). Their site has all the details.

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    Shooting Chrony Beta Master

    This is what I use. I don't get a chance to shoot often but it has more capabilities than I have opportunities and time to explore. I have used it on sunny as well as cloudy days and it seems to work well. Can't elaborate on temps because I am a fair weather experimenter. I won't take it to the range unless the weather is right.

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    Nice one Hombre
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