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Well, today was a day off work and I had big plans. Wife was gone to Fort Worth.(That's another whole day's story). So I have these approximately 3,000 22LR expended cases which are just crying out to be cleaned and gotten ready to turn into .224 bullets for my AR 15's.

OK, first thing was to get the Ultrasonic cleaner out from the cabinet and charge it with 1 tablespoonfull of Lemi-shine and ½ teaspoonful of Dawn in HOT water. Now it is especially important to not overload the cleaner, so you only clean about 1 cupfull each go-round. Then they have to be rinsed in HOT water in a collander in the sink and put out to dry. (guess what's a better way to dry damp 22lr brass that's handy in a kitchen?) Well, there I was, all alone in the house and not going to be interrupted for a while and I thought, "Why Not?" So, I fired up the ***oven*** to 450 and took a Pyrex baking dish out of the cabinet and put an even layer of brass all over the bottom of the glass.(Good thing Pyrex is tough in addition to being heat resistant.More on this later)

Meanwhile, the oven is still increasing in temperature and I'm cleaning more and more brass in the ultrasonic cleaner. Remember, this has a mixture of Lemi-shine, Dawn and water which has to be changed often due to the extremely dirty residue washed off the tarnished brass and the residue(remember this word) of the gunpowder from their firing. SO,,,, while I am rinsing and washing, rinsing and washing, the oven has reached it's programmed 450 degrees and the brass is basking in the drying atmosphere of the oven. Sort of like John's stories of the Desert he sends 22lr brass into out there in AZ. So as my dog "Bruce"(a black Lab I like to think of as "King of the Scots") and I enjoy a day to ourselves with not a care in the world,,(Now remember up in the previous paragraph when I cautioned you to remember?)

We were startled at a series of reports that sounded suspiciously like 22lr rounds going off in close proximity to the kitchen. Glancing around nervously I noticed a whisp of smoke curling up ftom the Pyrex(remember, well this is later)

I opened the oven door, (probably not the smartest move I could have made at this point) and glanced in just as another """dud""" 22lr """empty""" case let go and announced it's rebirth. Anyone who still believes that you can kill primers or rimfire rounds with water, lemi-shine and Dawn dishwashing soap can now disabuse themselves of that notion. I'm here to tell you that a "dud" round without the bullet in it that has ben soaked and ultrasoniked for an extended time, dried out in the mild warmth of a 450 degree oven will POPwith sufficient force to scatter multiple pieces of 22lr brass from the upper oven to the lower Broiler Oven with alacrity. It will also startle the normal homeowner into releasing the oven door he momentarily opened so that it pops closed to contain said errant brass.

So, judicious use of spatula and soup ladle enabled me to clean up the evidence of my culinary efforts and leave no evidence.............................So I thought. Guess who left the oven light on and who never cooks anything in the oven? Well, as I was returning from my afternoon Dr's appointment, my wife(remember the one who was away in Fort Worth?) Called and asked were you cooking something in the Kitchen today? The light was on in the oven as was the overhead light which we never use, but works well for seeing errant pieces of cleaned 22lr brass hiding around the floor and under the edge of the cabinets. Like I SAID,,,,BUSTED. So laughing I told her the whole episode and restored equilibrium to the day. Funny, I've been banished from the kitchen and the stove. What'sup with dat???????????????????

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