Cleaning Brass with Brasso

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    I just cleaned a case with Brasso will this make the brass Brittle?:eek:
    Something about the ammonia, It was posted earlier cleaning brass is not necessary
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    If it did the Marine Corps, Navy, Army would have fallen apart MANY, MANY years ago...:D The argument has been raised on every forum in existence and is split 50-50.

    I used to wrap my Military inspection brass in a Brasso soaked rag and store it for LONG periods of time and only wipe it down prior to an Inspection. My Inspection brass lasted for a lot of years....until I retired actually. The Ammonia (the offending Chemical) in Brasso is pretty dilluated and evaporates pretty quick. A little added to tumbling compound or wiped on and off with a rag (I don't believe) will do any harm. Just another Internet Legand...IMO:rolleyes: And I have yet to have seen a piece of damaged brass proven to have been caused by Brasso...Lots of "yes it does" BUT NO HARD EVIDENCE...Just "I've heard Tell"...Like all those fuzzy pictures of Big Foot that look a lot like my second cousin.

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    We sure don't want any weak brass in the Military :eek:
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    I suppose it is possible, but the exposure is so limited during a quick wipe down I doubt you would ever have problems. I have been known to use Brasso on some of my brass if it had stubborn stains.

    I hear stories now about dishwasher soap with citric acid being used. Some guys put a squirt into a pot of water and soak their brass for awhile. Then dry the brass and run it through a tumbler. Besides being bright and shiny the big benefit is it cuts your tumbling time in half.
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    Must be something 'majic' about that citric wash additive. Friend put BROWN brass he scavenged from a friend's shooting area in his Thumler's Tumbler with the SS pins and a bit of dish soap. 30 minutes later it looked better than factory new. Not even specs at the bottom of the primer pocket and inside as bright as the outside.