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Closeout on my favorite Marlin levergun scope!!!

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The leupold VX-2 2-7x33mm 2004-2011

They are on sale at Cabelas while supplies last..
Reg price $299, on sale $239 I bought one last November with a $20 off coupon and $10 rebate, plus free shipping and lense pen!!!

It has been discontinued and replaced with a redesigned model for 2012..

(2004-2011) Eye relief 3.8-4.9 (Fully multicoated lenses)
(New 2012) Eye relief 3.7-4.2 (same as Redfield and VX-1)

My VX-2 sits perfectly over the receiver of my 336.. The non critical eye relief is very forgiving allowing me to find my target quickly with out any fisheye.. It's a great hunting scope!!!

I just went to post a link and saw that Cabelas no longer has the 2-7x33 listed.. They must have sold out of them.. Maybe Midwayusa or some of the other internet dealers will be marking them down as well..

If anyone comes across a deal please post a link here so that other members can take advantage!!

I also noticed in Cabelas 2012 catalog that the Redfields have been marked up this year from $149 to $179.. It's still a good deal, but I'm seeing a trend!!!
They're a great scope for Marlin leverguns too!!!
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