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Any other coffee lovers in the community?

I drink it all day up till 5, then stop so my heart can slow down before I go to bed.

I just finished up an Old World Espresso form Riverfront Roasters, it was excellent.
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try 8 oclock columbian

I'm looking for a new coffee to try.

Any suggestions?
try 8 oclock columbian
French Press

I need to stop drinking as much as I do. Does the half calf taste the same?

I'm actually getting a French Press this evening. Target has a Bodum on sale I liked, I knew if I waited till after the holidays I would be able to find something cheap.
I am thinkin about getting one. Never tried anything brewed in a French Press...what is the difference? My fresh ground seems like it is gettin weak and my tongue is hurtin for something new. BUT...NO FOO FOO juice...just straight coffee...Columbian...bean...grind. What does a FP do the percolarors and drippers dont?
See Voo Play

About the biggest difference is they us a courser ground coffee than preks or drippers.

Also they are an ITALIAN INVENTION...Not french....Go Figure......:confused:
Atsa Bigga differance.
I noticed about the same thing as you. My coffee seems to be losing its flavor. But, fresh ground is always best and Columbian at that. I like 8 oclock. But it has started to taste sweeter for some reason...kinda flat even when fresh brewed. Maybe I shouldn't have washed the sock huh?
Could be...

Are you sure you didnt get ahold of some "Civet Coffee"
The beans didn't like it much when I threw a handfull into the water.

One of em kinda looked like a tootsie roll.:eek:
no comment
I cant take it anymore...

:mad:This guy I am roomin with makes the absolute worst coffee and each cup is accompanied by a tablespoon of grounds, He reuses grounds and everytime the filter runneth over into the resevoir and over the top of the filter...

Tomorrow I get a french press and he can chew grounds...I damn near choked on the last cup.:mad:
None eeded

No comment
That was just a rhetorical whine...:)
chicken gizzards

Coffee lover ? Not really , a couple cups in the am to get me going , but you wouldn't like my interpretation of "coffee" lol
2 heaping tsps instant coffee , fill cup just past 1/2 way with hot water , 1/2 the rest of the way with sugar , finish with milk. Looks like regular coffee lol.
Does your coffee get bigger as you chew it like a chicken gizzard does?:)
Ok, now I may have just joined the ranks of the Lost

LaCafetiere Optima 12-Cup Coffee Press, Chrome

I ordered this and a hand crank grinder from Amazon. I had the grinder in Iowa but it got left in storage. I had to get a water filter/pitcher to get the chlorine taste out of the water and now I want COFFEE! I will have a supply of 8 O Clock Columbian and maybe some others. It is my forst French Press and I am getting excited...I love good coffee. Anyone want to suggest some different brands?
Instant coffee

My youngest son uses a coffee press and grinds his own beans.

As for me, I don't know if I should admit this in this thread. I don't own a coffee pot of any sort and just drink instant coffee when I want a cup. :eek:
Just like starting out shooting career with a 22...ya gotta start somewhere.

I am almost beside myself waiting for the press...and I wish I would just quit WHINING!!!:D
22, shmenty too

Well, I started my shooting 'career' with a GP100 .357 magnum revolver. Try explaining that. My .22 was my second gun. :p

The press is very nice. It's quick, convenient, doesn't take up a lot of room.
Doesnt matter what ya start with, just git started. I used to drink 2 heaping tsp of folgers instant in a regular table/dinner cup...not a mug. Now I am using a french press. Unique way to brew weak coffee. Seems like I am going backwards. Anyone else use one? What size grind and how much coffee to use. Those are the questions.

I sure am not impressed with the strength of the coffee using the same amount of grounds and water as I have been using in the drip type coffee maker.

Back to the drawing board I guess. I sure thought I was gettin into the big guns and here I am shootin squibs.
Austin, dont know enuf about whats out there to even guess a price range. I know there are cheaper and some more expensive than 8 OClock. I just want something that tastes like coffee...not charcoal and not a candy store foo-foo juice.:confused: Know what I mean?

Make a suggestion...I wont let it come back to haunt you...:)
Rut Maya

I really like Rut Maya medium roast. Don't do their dark, it has a tendency to taste charred.
Where can I get the brand you mention? I usually do my search thru Amazon but a lot of times the seller is kust a store front through Amazon and has no home address.

Off the point here...FedEx tracking says my new computer should be in today. I also should get my grinder and 2 holsters from HolsterUSA today. Now if the new computer is good, I will be able to practice my quick crossdraw on my old one. I was thinkin about invitin the neighbor over to help me shoot hell out of the old kind of break the ice.:D

Well, it is now Thursday. FedEx tracking says tomorrow I will get my computer. I didnt believe the thursday or wednesday delivery dates but who kows for sure. But the package is in ty;er and will be here soon.

Austin, I found a lot of links for coffee. I knew it is expensive but didnt know I would have to mortgage the ranch to buy it. I found some duty free stuff that is veryreasonable though so I may try it. I think the french press is for connie sewers...and I aint one. I need a new coffee maker so thats my next purchase.
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You can find it in most HEB's around town.

It's expensive because they sell it kilo bags. Pound per pound it's about right.

Now for the connoisseur issues, you may surprise yourself. Moving to a press allows a higher complexity of flavors and you may start finding things you didn't know where there.
Well, I have no idea what a HEB is but I do notice more flavors even in a weaker brew. 2 scoops has excellent flavor but 3 knocks my tastebuds for a loop...and that's good. It is a totally different flavor...almost spelled it flavour.

I am a tight wad but there is a place for this press and more brands, even if they are a bit more expensive:) than 8 oclock coffee. I have to experiment a bit but I think what I will find is just a bunch of darn good tasting coffee brands. There definitely is a difference.
mmmmmmmmmmm good coffee

I'm sorry I thought HEB was all over the state. It's a super market.

I'm glad you're enjoying your press! Mine was one of the better investments in terms of coffee gear I've ever bought.
I haven't seen HEB anywhere. But only because I wasn't looking. I searched and found many HEB references. Could you find a link and send it to me so I know whuzzup?

Pressed coffee is way different. Even what looks like weak coffee is rich and tastes very good. My only complaint is that it takes about 1/3 more coffee to get a good cuppa. But, I found I don't drink as much. I just enjoy the pot and drink sloooowwwly. And, I did get another hand crank grinder. What a difference. Electric grinders beat the bean into powder with speed. A mill type grinder cracks, chops and cuts the bean into uniform granules and that makes a big different in the amount of fines at the bottom of the pot. But, fined go down a lot easier than grounds.

Here's a link.;js...6629B476A8B1183.pOrnuGDegMylBya-upP2-Law0Geef

I use one tablespoon per cup. It makes a robust cup.

I've been sipping on a red eye all morning. 2 shots of espresso in 12 ounces of drip. Had a long night. Have to keep moving.
Thanks for the link. It is the same one I found but didn't know if that was what you were talkin about.
8 O Clock

Chase & Sanborn ,A&P Coffee

Eight O'Clock Coffee is the brand name of the light roast of coffee introduced by the American supermarket chain A&P in 1859. In 1919, the roast was renamed and given its current trademark.[1] The company supposedly derived the name by conducting a survey asking people what time of day they drank coffee most. The majority of those surveyed reported that they typically drank coffee at 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., which is why company went with the name "Eight O'Clock Coffee."[1]
I like the 100% Columbian. It has much better flavor than regular. I started drinking the Columbian 10 years ago and never looked back. Even the cheap dollar general Columbian tastes better than most regular roast. I think I will order some from some online shops. For some reason I have become curious about the different companies blends. And just when I ran out of money...go figure, huh?
percolating coffee

Does anyone here make their coffee in a percolator? I was thinking of getting one but no one seems to use them anymore and I'm wondering why. Maybe you all know something I don't know?
I have a 30 cup percolator and I did use a 10 cupper. I like perked coffee but I do not like grounds in the bottom of the pot. I could not find the proper filters for the 30 cup and after awhile I decided to just go to the drip coffeemakers which use the filters I used to cut a hole in to fit the percolator. Now I use a drip coffeemaker as well as a French Press. By far the French Press makes the best tasting coffee. However, the drip maker uses the least amount of coffee which saves money. I alternate between the two. I grind my own beans too which really makes a difference.
vinegar, eggshells and vanilla

A drop of Vinegar will separate them grounds
I just filter it if it needs it and then there's no aftertaste...or eggshells.
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