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Any other coffee lovers in the community?

I drink it all day up till 5, then stop so my heart can slow down before I go to bed.

I just finished up an Old World Espresso form Riverfront Roasters, it was excellent.
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coffee is one of natures pain relievers, so i drink quite a lot sometimes. my favorite that i keep at the house is a coffee and chickory blend that is plenty strong.
I'm supposed to be getting a Romanian Coffee by the name of Dracula.

It has peppers in the blend. Should be interesting.
austin, have you ever tried the Louisiana type coffee made with chicory? stout stuff! i use a blend of it at home and it doesn't take near the amount as regular coffee.
I use Cafe DuMonde when I'm in the mood for it.

It works well in both Vietnamese and French Press preparations.
i used the Cafe DuMonde before, but it's gotten hard to find now in my area. Community Coffee or Hills Brothers are the only ones that i can find now around here.
i worked with a guy years ago that had been in the Navy, and he had a large coffee cup that never seemed to be empty. we hardly ever saw him near the coffee pot at work, but it seemed his cup was always full.

i like strong and flavorful coffees. hence the coffee/chickory blends are some of my favorite flavors.
As much as I hate to admit, it looks like we are the same age.
I like 8 O'Clock. At it's price it's also friendly for every day consumption.
Four, i'm not that far behind you two! closing in on 50 now!

Austin, coffee has gotten way over priced! too way over priced.
I'm looking for a new coffee to try.

Any suggestions?
try out some the goumet coffee's in some of the more upscale grocery stores.
cooler weather is coming so i usually increase my coffee intake.
1 - 7 of 185 Posts
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