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Any other coffee lovers in the community?

I drink it all day up till 5, then stop so my heart can slow down before I go to bed.

I just finished up an Old World Espresso form Riverfront Roasters, it was excellent.
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I drink the stuff like a fish drinks water all day up till bed time, it never seems to hurt my sleep. Since coming to the Seattle area I've discovered the joys of gormet coffee. I brew it in a single cup machine. Lattes were driving me broke till I figured out a way to replicate them without the hassles of a machine. I make them with one part heated milk and one part coffee.

Austin, in the AF I was introduced to the concept of the tanker cup, as in aerial refueling tanker. It's just a giant cup you never let get empty.;)
I admit I had a scare that was traced to coffee. One day in the AF while toting around my tanker cup by heart started skipping beats. It wasn't causing other problems so I didn't panic and just made an appointment. The doc checked me out and asked how much coffee I drank. When I told him he just rolled his eyes and admonished me to switch to decaff. It worked. As the months passed I went from decaff to half and half back to full strength and never had a problem again.:confused:
Coffee must be Black as Hell,
Strong as Death,
And, Sweet as love...

~ Turkish Proverb ~

I did 60 days in Turkey and that is a perfect description of their coffee. It came in a tiny little cup, was uber strong, and ultra sweet, and I'm not real sure what I thought of it.:confused: It was coffee...but I'd bet today (I am a Seattleite now) I would love it! We do coffee here.:cool:
This one intrested me...Had to check it out. LOL, ole bucky is RIGHT. Check out Melbourne, Australia on the Net. I forgot to copy the link...:eek:

Famous all over the World....Even hold the World Coffee Championships there....What ever that is....has to be good tho......:D

They also grow Arabica Beans in OZ, and every coffee nut knows they are the BEST.
Well I guess I'll yield to that, which is hard being from the Seattle area. We don't claim anything about coffee, except to be very good at it. The coffee aisles at the store here are like our beer aisles. The largest, most diverse, and highest quality I have seen anywhere from Europe to Asia. We do beer and coffee better than anything I've seen.
Seattle comes in as the #2 top coffee city in the world! Second only to Istanbul. Yahoo news, today. It would score pretty well in beer too. I gotta say despite the liberals (and most of them are not half bad) this is a very cool area. I'm glad I came here.
My aunt just got back form Turkey and could not find coffee. I was shocked, I don't think she looked to hard.
Turkey is a third world country and coffee is a luxury. I can't remember it being offered in to many places. I was there for 60 days and I think I had it twice. Once in a coffee shop, and once in a nice restaurant. However that was 31 years ago, and we were in the south a long way from Istanbul.
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