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This morning from 0800 till 1300 we had a "Stud Sale" at the local lumber yard. It is a fundraiser for Habitat For Humanity. We have started a new build. The house will be for a lady and her disabled son. He has downs and has had more than one hip operation. Were they live now has a lot of stairs and is NOT handicap ready. It will be a small 2 bedroom with two full baths, one for him. also with ramp for entry. The halls will be wide...and NO stairs. It is a 3 bed, two batch floor plan which we will modify. We build homes that fit and serve the family. Hopefully we will get the floor down next week and then start on the framing.

Those desiring to donate could purchase stud(s) at our discount price plus NO TAX. 2 others and myself stood outside next to a pallet of studs and as they were donated they would bring out the invoice and we would move them off of the pallet onto another pallet. Due to the weather it was light traffic thus low volume of studs. However we did collect enough for probably over half the outside walls. I would say that over 75% of people that came thru donated. Every stud counts. Last stud sale we ran was in the summer and we amassed over a pallet.

They had a pellet stove running inside and Hot Coffee. We would take turns and stand inside until someone pulled in and then we would meet them outside and pitch our cause. Also a local plumbing contractor came by and will come by the site Monday and see what has to be done to connect the sewer and water to the city systems. So I think the 5 hours was well spent. If we only had gotten "1" stud it was worth it. I am a firm believer in "Give and you will Receive".

I would encourage Everyone to donate some time and effort in a local community cause. It dont cost anything but a few hours when you can. I have recieved, Good Nights Sleep and a better outlook on life, thats enough for me. If ever community had people willing to help there would be a lot less requirement for Government Assistance, which we all pay for anyway.
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