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    My oldest boy is a senior in high school. He's the 6'3" man-boy that shoots IDPA with me, made Rifleman at Appleseed, is active in the theater program at school, Latin Club and takes honors and AP classes along with welding, culinary, woodshop and photography. He's been applying to colleges for engineering. He's leaning toward civil engineering, more on the structural side not roads and bridges side.

    He got his first acceptance letter today from the University of New Hampshire. He is accepted as undeclared engineering so is eligible for any of the engineering disciplines. UNH is not his first choice and it is more of a "safe school" but it's a big relief to get the letter and know he will definitely be matriculating somewhere this fall.
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    Congratulations for sure! When I went to college, we used slide rules and protractor heads on a drafting table in Engineering drafting. Lol.
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    Good luck to your son in Collage. My son went to East Carolina University in NC on a full music scholarship .......ended up as a Computer Network engineer .... go figure.
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    Congratulations to him and you. Sounds like a well rounded young man. We wish him much success.
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    Never used a slide rule, I had a plug in TI-30 LED calculator then upgraded to the HP-48GX. I did do ink on velum in high school drafting but 2D AutoCad off a 5.25" floppy in college. I still have and use the mechanical pencil and stick eraser I bought at the campus bookstore in the fall of 1987, still have the HP 48GX but am on AutoCad LT 2011


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    Congrats Matt...!! Looks like you did a fine brace yourself for the cost !!

    My daughter graduated Penn State in 2013...and the wife and I instantly became rich...hence all the repairs and additions to our homestead.

    It was like hitting the Powerball... :rolleyes:
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    The man-boy got his acceptance to U Maine Orno today for undeclared engineering. They will match UNH in state rates based on his grades. Still waiting for UConn, URI, Lehigh, Lafayette and RPI. He's got choices. He did make the comment, if UConn matches UNH rates he'll be happy
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    Hey Matt,

    That is great news!

    Good for him! (and you)

    Later, Mark
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    Congratulations! !
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    First, congratulations on raising such an intelligent, well-rounded, renaissance man. UConn is a great school and I hope they match the rates.
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    Remember planimeters? I also still have my T-square, triangles, protractors, and scales - men of a different time I guess. A couple of years ago, just before I retired, a young engineer/surveyor came into my office, saw my T-square hanging on the wall, and asked what it was...I guess he also thought those large maple drafting tables were exclusively designed for storage and supporting coffee makers. Nice kid and I gave him a crash course in the sorcery necessary to plot a deed description manually. I bet he's still scratching his head trying to figure out how we old guys did it before computers and plotters!