Collett Dies for Neck sizing Only ??

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    Been researching and checking on getting a set of LEE Collett dies with Dead Length seating Die. Has anyone used them ? Of course can only ( should be ) used for cases Fire Formed and only shot in ONE GUN. I don't think I am getting a constant Taper Crimp on my .223 bench gun. Also could use a set for the .243, as I only have one of those also.
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    I use a neck sizing die for both of my Spanish Mausers in 7mm due to oversized chambers (.003" & .007" respectively) thus preserving case life.
    I'm planning to re-barrel the larger chamber this summer, solving the issue. Also it is recommended for bolt guns only.
    But it is one of the many steps competition shooters use to gain an edge in accuracy.

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    Took a 20 round box of once shot cases of .308s shot thru my neighbors Rem. I had loaded them last year for him. He took two deer and they shot good. They were full length sized. I trimmed them all to same length and neck sized them only. Primed with Federal GM210s. Will try two different bullets, a flat based 150 gr (used last year) and a Boat Tail 150 gr. Will seat to same as last year and let him try them both. Will load with same charge of 3031 to start.
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    That's what I use for my G2 Contender 35 rem. pistol but it's the only neck sizing die I've used for it so I can't compare with other dies. I also have a Lee collet die for my .380,they seem to reduce the need for trimming and expand shell life.
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    OK........Dumb A$$ checking back in. I do have the collet dies and dead length seating dies in .308, .243, and .223. I had bought the LEE Deluxe 3 die set which come with both full length sizing and collet die and dead length seating die. I had obtained the factory crimp dies and set aside the collet die and forgot I had them....DUH !!! While checking the Lee site I saw the Deluxe set came that way and I said....Hey I got those.....somewhere.....:eek:

    Ever buy something wrong and it turned out right in the long run ?