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Colt Firearms

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Here are a few of my favorite "ponies"...

.45 COLT


.380 ACP

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Nice ponies that you have there Shooter.
I like Colts. Don't own any at this time but have owned a few.
One that I should have kept was a Blue 6" Python. :(
Another was an 8" Nichol Mark III Colt Trooper that got me a 10 point back in 1984.
A couple others were a Colt Pocket Model 32 Auto and a Colteer 22 mag. rifle.
Thanks for sharing.

Thanks Grey...
Here's a couple ponies from my collection first is a nickle python .38 special then a pair of single action armys in .44 special


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Awesome specimens bolt_hunter !!!
Nice looking Colts you have there.
The word "Hog Leg" did come to mind when I saw the Python - not to be disrespectful.

I assume that you keep them under lock & key. Pretty serious $$$$ you have there.
My Great Grandfather was O.W.Ainsworth (Orville) Inspecter for Colt firearms during the civil war With his stamp they are much sought after by collectors
Being guns passed down through the family they are locked tight. The python that model there was only 251 made. I believe that number is right
My SAA has the 7 1/2" barrel. Also have a Series 70 MkIV 1911 .45acp as well as one in .38 Super. The 38's always been my favorite cartridge. Might be old school, but it outperforms the 9mm all day long.
Got any pics Donn...this is a photo thread !! ;)
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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