Combat Shotguns for self defense.

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    Mossy 88 with 3/4 oz slugs

    This is the target from yesterday. I was testing my Mossy 88 with 2 3/4" Win. 3/4 oz. rifled hollow point slugs. I was shooting from a distance of 22 yards.
    First, I checked the Bird Shot Pattern because I use this gun to shoot Sporting Clays. As indicated by the Red Circle, the pattern is center with point of aim. That is a good thing.
    With the slugs - not so good.
    The 2 holes below the X were from the 26" Vent Rib Barrel w/Bead Sights and a Modified Choke. Point of impact was about 5" low. Grouping wasn't bad considering the sights.
    The 5 shot scatter pattern above the point of aim was using the 18 1/4" Cylinder Bore Barrel. Point of impact was from 4"- 8" high and very poor grouping.
    Today, I'll test the 410 with both the vent rib barrel and the home defense barrel.
    Not trying to prove anything other than this shotgun isn't a candidate for deer hunting. I will have to buy a 24" slug barrel with rifle sights if it is to work at all.
    I'm just curious and enjoy the aroma of burnt gun powder.
    I'll be back.

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    That bird shot pattern looks Impressive!

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    Thanks FOUR4D4. I was happy with it. When shooting Sporting Clays, you want a centered pattern. Unlike Trap where you want the pattern to be high because you should shoot as the Bird is climbing.

    Okay SWO1; Using 2 1/2" Rem. Sluggers w/1/5 oz rifled slugs at 1830 fps.
    Here is the 410 summary. As marked on the target. The duck tape is 1 3/4" X 3 1/4" for size ref.
    First, 3 shots at 20 yards with the vent rib barrel w/full choke.
    Next, using the 18 1/2" HD barrel with Cyl. Bore.
    I was actually impressed with the HD Barrel. In a pinch, within Bow or Pistol range, it might be doable.
    Before the introduction of rifled slug barrels, back when everyone grabbed their favorite rabbit gun and a box of slugs, I always believed that less than 20% of the shotguns would throw a slug straight or hold a reasonable group. Looks like that is still he case.
    I've owned 3 slug guns that shot extremely well. First was a 20 ga. Ithaca 37 with a slug barrel w/sights. The second was a 20 ga. Rem. 1100 Spec. Field with a slug barrel w/sights and the last is the NEF 12 ga. Tracker II that I have now.
    If there are no more questions, we will return to our regularly scheduled programming. Test concluded. ;)

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    Thanks for the test results greyhawk50, and for taking the time to do them. Looks like the cyl. bore is a bit better than full. from your scale seems to hold about a 3" pattern. Good enough for Home Defense I would think. Hold center mass and you're good to go.
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    Thanks SWO1.
    Considering that the front bead covered the entire duck tape and more, I'm very pleased.
    Thank you. I really enjoyed all of the chit-chat on this subject.
    To some, it may have been wasted time but maybe someone gained a little insight.
    When my state first opened a deer season, (mid 70s???) there was 3 days of shotgun w/slugs only plus an archery season. Mostly re-curve bows at that time. As time went on, they expanded the gun season and gave way to muzzle loaders and then pistols. We may or may not see them legalize rifles in the pistol calibers only???? They have been talking about it for a couple years. Wouldn't you know that I sold my Browning 92 in 44 mag. about the time that the rumor came out. That's OK. I have enough guns anyway.
    Thanks again. It was fun.
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    Some good info shared here...thanks !