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Companies that you trust

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Rcbs,Federal and others look at this link no this is not a plug for this group but look at these companies of the ATK Sports group,Weaver and all the others they even make ammunition for the government.They stand behind their products,I have a weaver scope that is 15 years old that wouldn't hold zero.So i contact the company and explained the problem to them and that I couldn't locate the receipt.Mean while they told me to send it in.OK a 6 week wait was well worth it they sent me a brand new scope.:D
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Midway USA, Natchez shooter supply, Gary's Guns (Muskegon Mi.) Osborn's Gunsmithing (White Cloud Mi.) Jays Sporting goods (Clare Mi.), I do have to admit, that Midway USA is my go to source for many things. even if i do not buy a particular item from them, their website is SO EASY to use, and so complete in products available, that research is 10 times easier there, than anywhere else.
1 - 1 of 73 Posts
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