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Companies that you trust

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Rcbs,Federal and others look at this link no this is not a plug for this group but look at these companies of the ATK Sports group,Weaver and all the others they even make ammunition for the government.They stand behind their products,I have a weaver scope that is 15 years old that wouldn't hold zero.So i contact the company and explained the problem to them and that I couldn't locate the receipt.Mean while they told me to send it in.OK a 6 week wait was well worth it they sent me a brand new scope.:D
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I can whole heartedly endorse the best cast lead bullet, small family-owned manufacturer out there, S&S Casting < >
Not as big as MidwayUSA, but a company with great heart, great customer service, and all around great people to deal with, my fav: Graf & Sons < >
For fixing up your Marlin 1894 cowboy lever gun, the best parts are sourced through Long Hunter Shooting Supply. Replacement of that nasty cross-bolt safety, replacing that two piece firing pin with a high quality single piece firing pin, and a spring set that makes the lever a dream to work. Oh, and replacing that cheap Marlin plastic part with a high quality stainless steel follower < >
Cheaper Than Dirt ... Ha! CTD sells the most price gouged PMags in the country. They stopped selling guns "out of respect for the CT mass murderer", and because they do not believe in the second amendment, then pulled a Recoil Mag-style about face and lied that they were upgrading the website. They will never get another cent out of me, ever. :(
1 - 4 of 73 Posts
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