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Companies that you trust

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Rcbs,Federal and others look at this link no this is not a plug for this group but look at these companies of the ATK Sports group,Weaver and all the others they even make ammunition for the government.They stand behind their products,I have a weaver scope that is 15 years old that wouldn't hold zero.So i contact the company and explained the problem to them and that I couldn't locate the receipt.Mean while they told me to send it in.OK a 6 week wait was well worth it they sent me a brand new scope.:D
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Henry Repeating Arms Co. Great products and the best customer service for their products in the business.

Rock Island Armory. Again great products and great customer service. I got my new RIA Tactical and I field stripped it to clean it and the plug that goes in the bushing that fits on the spring went flying when I was putting it back together. I called their customer service and they sent me two of them free of charge.

Midway good to deal with.

Tasco (Bushnell) Tasco is owned by Bushnell so you have to deal with them but they treated me right when I needed a scope replaced.

Hi Point I do not have one anymore I sold it to a friend but I bought it used and wanted the rear peep sight assembly for it that normally comes with the gun new. They shipped one out free of charge no problem. Life time warranty no matter who owns it just like Leupold see below.

Leupold you cannot beat their warranty life time for the scope no matter who owns it you do not need to be the first purchaser. I bought one used at a rummage sale and sent it in to be checked over. They put in new guts into it said the lenses were fine and shipped it back to me. No Charge.

Mid South as stated above is an other great company.
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