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Companies that you trust

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Rcbs,Federal and others look at this link no this is not a plug for this group but look at these companies of the ATK Sports group,Weaver and all the others they even make ammunition for the government.They stand behind their products,I have a weaver scope that is 15 years old that wouldn't hold zero.So i contact the company and explained the problem to them and that I couldn't locate the receipt.Mean while they told me to send it in.OK a 6 week wait was well worth it they sent me a brand new scope.:D
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Sig Sauer, Sierra Bullets, MidwayUSA, Widener's, Missouri Bullet Co. and a few others already mentioned. For general merchants...Cabela's over BPS with my experiences at Academy Sports when I lived down south being a good place to shop/deal with problems, though I never purchased a firearm from them.

As much a it depleases me to admit it owning one...Taurus USA (Florida) did me right with repair work on a 9mm SOCOM that I shot the guts out of in less than 300 rounds. (It' doesn't have an appetite for my reloads and prefers factory fodder; it's available for sale...but that's another topic for another time.)

And you fellas are's getting harder and harder to actually receive any kind of personal customer service these days. When we do, it shouldn't go unrecognized!
1 - 1 of 73 Posts
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