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    A couple companies i have dealt with and have received great customer service are: MidwayUsa, Cabelas, and BassPro shops. I asked questions on all of them and received answers back very quickly. When purchasing products from them if I had any problems they fixed them quickly.
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    Integrity Arms & Survival
    Woodbury Outfitters
    Pro Armament
    Gun Galaxy
    Midway USA
    Cheaper Than Dirt
    AIM Surplus
    Bass Pro Shops
    Dick's Sporting Goods

    Good products, prices, & customer service from all.

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    Ditto on Optics Planet, great customer service.

    Ditto on Sierra. A few years ago when I wanted to get back into reloading after a long layoff, I emailed Sierra asking how I could get updates to my Sierra manual from the 1980's. They sent me the PDF files the next day by email.

    Also, Palmetto State Armory, have brought some ammo from them
    and Andean Corp, had brought some mini-14 magazines from them. both services are great.

    I alos like Gunbroker, brought my min-14 through them.
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    the two companies i have fun dealing with are midwayusa and natchez shooters supplies. both top notch outfits.
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    Cabelas (of course)
    Bass Pro
    Maine Military Supply
    Midway USA
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    I have also had very good experiences with Midway USA, and Boyds. Also Brownells and Sportsmans Guide. Midway has been very good about accepting returns on products that I was unhappy with without any problems.
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    I'm a big fan of Midway USA too. Mr. Potterfield is prior AF enlisted and the stock and customer service is great.

    I've only made two internet gun buys and both were very pleasant experiences. I bought my Marlin 94 from Olde English Outfitters and my Pietta M73 from The Dixie Gun Works. The Marlin was competitively priced, and as far as I could find the Pietta was a steal. Both were pleasant to deal with.

    I've only owned one Taurus so I can't speak for the brand, but my 627 is a fine shooting revolver. Locks up nice, well timed, excellent SA trigger, decent DA trigger, good SS finish, nice sights, and I like the ribbed grips although many don't. From this experience I'd buy the one I really wanted, a 6" 608.

    And I'm going to stick my neck out here and give a shout out to Hi Point. I'm no Hi Point fool. The guns are...well they are fun range toys, beyond that I guess it depends on your budget. They are not junk and if they are all a person can afford they'll get it done. What I like about them is the company. They have customer service that is second to none. Call em, tell em what you need, and if it isn't a barrel, bolt/slide or frame/receiver they ship it no questions asked. If it isn't something they will ship send them the gun and it's fixed for free, forever, no matter who bought it, or whats wrong with it. They even ship a new magazine to compensate you for the shipping costs. In addition when you call them they look up the S/N and if there have been any updates since the last time that S/N was entered into their data base you'll get those parts too. And just try to admit you lost the sear spring and insist on paying for a replacement. They will have none of it, and will ship you two for free so you'll have a spare. And that is not just one story (mine) there are literally dozens of them over at Austin's Hi Point site. They do business the way mom and pop shops used to do business. I have never heard of them refusing to repair or replace a gun.
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    You always must consider price when buying firearms. Her are my ceilings:
    Handgun : $600
    Shotgun : Tactical : $475
    Sporting : $700
    Rifle : $1400
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    I deal with Midway and Optics planet.

    I also deal with Longhunter and XS
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    I can whole heartedly endorse the best cast lead bullet, small family-owned manufacturer out there, S&S Casting < >
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    Not as big as MidwayUSA, but a company with great heart, great customer service, and all around great people to deal with, my fav: Graf & Sons < >
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    For fixing up your Marlin 1894 cowboy lever gun, the best parts are sourced through Long Hunter Shooting Supply. Replacement of that nasty cross-bolt safety, replacing that two piece firing pin with a high quality single piece firing pin, and a spring set that makes the lever a dream to work. Oh, and replacing that cheap Marlin plastic part with a high quality stainless steel follower < >
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    Sig Sauer, Sierra Bullets, MidwayUSA, Widener's, Missouri Bullet Co. and a few others already mentioned. For general merchants...Cabela's over BPS with my experiences at Academy Sports when I lived down south being a good place to shop/deal with problems, though I never purchased a firearm from them.

    As much a it depleases me to admit it owning one...Taurus USA (Florida) did me right with repair work on a 9mm SOCOM that I shot the guts out of in less than 300 rounds. (It' doesn't have an appetite for my reloads and prefers factory fodder; it's available for sale...but that's another topic for another time.)

    And you fellas are's getting harder and harder to actually receive any kind of personal customer service these days. When we do, it shouldn't go unrecognized!
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    O.G.C. tactical

    well, not much gun shops here on oahu, but i have had great info from a company named O.G.C. Tactical. i purchased my pws mk114 from them and enjoyed their advice, from what type of shooting, optics, and use of the firearm i intend to do. never a bad experience yet! prices are reasonable too!!!
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    Classic Firearms -- good prices and excellent (better than claimed) condition C&R guns
    Cheaper than Dirt -- good prices and fast shipping especially on ammo
    Mike Carbo -- Marlin 60 and 795 trigger jobs
    Top Gun Supply -- excellent CS
    Greg Cote -- good prices and excellent CS on SIG and other mags
    MidSouth Shooters Supply -- good prices and excellent CS

    There are no doubt others but these came immediately to mind
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    Have Had good luck luck with CVA midway usa,cabela's bought alot of stuff from amazon .com. all have great service.