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    Welcome to the Marlin Forum Zekest Crowe, brokennitro, enbarnes, and chuck67207 !!
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    Companies you can trust.

    I have had very good service and timely shipping from Optics Planet and Leapers, UTG, Scopes, Lights, Lasers,and mounts.:D

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    Midway USA, Natchez shooter supply, Gary's Guns (Muskegon Mi.) Osborn's Gunsmithing (White Cloud Mi.) Jays Sporting goods (Clare Mi.), I do have to admit, that Midway USA is my go to source for many things. even if i do not buy a particular item from them, their website is SO EASY to use, and so complete in products available, that research is 10 times easier there, than anywhere else.
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    I agree 100%.
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    Wilson Combat is an excellent business out of Arkansas, as well as Ruger. I have zero issues in any dealings I have had with them.:D
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    Lee, Hornady, Dillon, RCBS. These are the people who invented customer service.
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    Ruger is at the top of my list. I sent them my 35 year old Mark 1 .22 pistol because it would jam once in a while. The ejector assembly is riveted to the receiver and the rivet had loosened. They not only replaced the ejector assembly, but they went over the gun and changed everything that they didn't like. The safety didn't move as smothly as they liked, so they replaced it. The trigger pull was stiff so they replaced all the parts in the trigger group. The magazine was worn so they gave me a new one and they also replaced the spring on the magazine release. Clearly worn from use they replaced the extractor and extractor spring, as well as the recoil spring assembly. The total bill, Nada. On the bottom of the receipt they wrote, "no charge, covered by warranty".

    Here are some other companies that also earned a place on my list.

    Outdoor Edge cutlery
    Primos game calls
    Bass Pro Shops
    Kent Cartridges
    Diamond Archery
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    Welcome to the Marlin Forum DLBowles, 375hunter, and shotgunboss !!

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    Natchez Shooters Supply, Midsouth Shooters Supply, Brownells, + on MidwayUSA, Optics Planet and Uncle Mikes are just a few I have used and had good luck with.
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    Henry Repeating Arms Co. Great products and the best customer service for their products in the business.

    Rock Island Armory. Again great products and great customer service. I got my new RIA Tactical and I field stripped it to clean it and the plug that goes in the bushing that fits on the spring went flying when I was putting it back together. I called their customer service and they sent me two of them free of charge.

    Midway good to deal with.

    Tasco (Bushnell) Tasco is owned by Bushnell so you have to deal with them but they treated me right when I needed a scope replaced.

    Hi Point I do not have one anymore I sold it to a friend but I bought it used and wanted the rear peep sight assembly for it that normally comes with the gun new. They shipped one out free of charge no problem. Life time warranty no matter who owns it just like Leupold see below.

    Leupold you cannot beat their warranty life time for the scope no matter who owns it you do not need to be the first purchaser. I bought one used at a rummage sale and sent it in to be checked over. They put in new guts into it said the lenses were fine and shipped it back to me. No Charge.

    Mid South as stated above is an other great company.
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    Recent experiences:
    Stag Arms
    Cheaper Than Dirt
    Accurate Plating and Weaponry
    Mesa Tactical
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    Optics Panet Rules!

    I mounted a Leapers 4-16x50 on my new Marlin XT22M!!! It has become my favorite rifle a true tack driver. Optics Planet Rules!
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    My friend David recommends a company called "cheaper than dirt" he says he gets ammo "dirt" cheap adn it is good stuff

    i like tri-county sports, my local gun shop but they are going out of business after many years. and i love cabela's.
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    0 - fast shipping - had good experience with
    hi-point firearms - best customer service and warranty service ever
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    The past month and a half I have placed 2 separate orders with Cabela's and have received excellent service! I had several Gift Cards and had to place the order over the phone both times! The customer service reps I talked to on both occasions were very polite and helped with any questions I had! And both times the order came in a few days before the expected arrival date at the store. I had my order ship to the local store to save on shipping costs! The people at the Hamburg, PA store are very courteous and helpful! They got mt order and had me on my way with in a few minutes, even though it was a little crowded at the service desk at that time. I will definitely be placing another order with them in the future even though they are a little more expensive then other retailers or online sites, the service and some of the products they sell are worth the extra cost.
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    Cheaper Than Dirt ... Ha! CTD sells the most price gouged PMags in the country. They stopped selling guns "out of respect for the CT mass murderer", and because they do not believe in the second amendment, then pulled a Recoil Mag-style about face and lied that they were upgrading the website. They will never get another cent out of me, ever. :(