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Just thought I'd share the e-mail message I received a few minutes ago from Mid South Shooters Supply. They're running a "loss-leader special" on primed .40 S&W HORNADY Brass for a pretty cheap price; $27.08 for 250pcs. Here's the discount offer:

Offer valid on Order No. 285-8742, while supplies last. No Haz-Mat fee to ship.

MidwayUSA is also running a special on "BLEMS". Look to be Nosler Accu Bond by specs and double-checking the #1 quality listings. Calibers: 270, 7mm & .30. I bought 165s a while back that I couldn't tell the difference between them and top-of-the-line pills other than maybe a slight discoloration. I've shot WW II/Korean era rounds that were well oxidized that shot like shiny, new, factory-fresh loads, so I'm not big on external looks, just the integrity of the case/bullet and where it impacts with consistency. I still have black-tip steel cores (APs) from 1952...I think that's the year.

Anyway...Just FYI should you be in the market for .40 pistol brass or some AFFORDABLE Nosler rifle bullets.

Have a Great Day :D
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