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    The scatter guns are just as picky as .22 or center fire weapons as far as shells go. Yesterday we started with Federal 2.75" #8 shot in field loads. My mossey 835 along with about half dozen other guns loved em. Great patterns and tight. Today after about 10 rounds we ran out of Federal and switched to Winchester 2.75" 7 1/2 shot, again field loads. One of our rules is every body shoots the same ammo, and ours only. My gun along with a lot of the others from yesterday puked. Mine an a couple others had problems with extracting also. Chumps from yesterday turned into Champs with the Winchesters. One mans trash is anothers treasure. I won two rounds early with the Federals. Later rounds with the Winchester and I sucked ......... :eek:
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    Correct; All shells are not equal.
    I assume that you are talking about the Card Shoots. The last time I shot or helped with a Card Shoot, I was in my early 20s.
    At least it spread the winnings around.

    Back when I was shooting Trap, I loaded my own (still do). It definitely improved my score.
    With the Target Load Federals, I would occasionally have a wad fly out and take a spiral decent to the ground instead of flying straight out and falling to the ground. That was always a "loss". Never shot many Winchesters unless they were AAs and they were pricy.
    Not applicable to your situation, but my favorite load was 17gr.-19 gr. of Nitro 100 (mostly 17.0-17.5 gr) behind a generic Windjammer 8 peddle wad. I started first using Solo 1250 but it was too dirty for my semi-auto.

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    We shot the Winchester AAA .410 loads with 9 shot. Previous years we used Federal .410s with little success. This year there were multiple winners with the .410. They put a lot more pellets in the cards and good patterns.

    I am not proficient on Shot Shells, only using turkey loads and all those seem to do ok, Fed, Win, Rem, and Fiocchi. Someone donated the Win AAA 410s otherwise we would not have bought them, you are correct in they are High $$

    The Clay shooters, the good ones anyway, reload their own and generally smoke all the other shooters. Tony, who brings the tower and thrower only shoots Trap, and other diciplines with the clay birds. He is good. Sometimes he will shoot some cards when the clay shoot is over but has never done anything with the Factory Loads.
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    Found this, FYI:
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    .654 is tight. Really tight. Sounds like a Turkey Choke.
    My experience with chokes is that; proper choke plus proper wad plus proper load.
    A tight choke doesn't automatically produce a tighter pattern. Like 22s. Trial and error.

    My old Beretta 300 has 3 barrels. A 22' Riot Barrel, a 26" choke tube barrel and a 32" Special Trap Fixed Full Choke. Just at .700". They say that the ideal Trap Choke is around .712"
    I have, with the Trap Barrel, on occasion, broke a Clay Bird at an estimated 100 yards with a 2 3/4 magnum reload. It was a load using IMR powder ??, a Remington SP wad and 1 1/4 ounce of #6 shot.
    Not consistently but it has happened more than once. (Protection Shoot), Tie Breaker Shoot-off from an estimated 40 yards behind the thrower and my pardner missed. Therefore I took the shot. It was a "long shot" in more ways than one. Most often, at that distance, it was a "loss".
    I learned to really dislike that word.