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Conversion projects

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I have a few Marlin rimfires. I prefer box magazine fed versions over tube fed, basically Model 70, 995, 989M2 over the model 60. When I do have a 60 or variant they are 99M1s or the older model 60s with the long barrel, long mag tube and last shot hold open if mid-80s.

With 5 parts: magazine guide, ejector/mag release, pin, hammer spacer and magazine guide plate; as well as a stock modification I am beginning to convert some Model 60s to 70s. Leaving the mag tube allows for extra ammo storage and removing it only leaves the hole where it was in the front. I'm sure I could fit a dowel as a plug type thing. Retaining parts allows for conversion back to a 60 with a hole in the bottom but a solid plate would cover it

Did the first stock last night, and now I just need the ordered parts to arrive.

I will post some pictures when I can
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